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Logic 9 MIDI download problem

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by peterlemer, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    I want to embed the MIDI of 'My Romance' ( scroll down):

    ... in a song for a student to develop his jazz standards chops.

    Yet the file downloads as a .mov, and Logic will only open it as a QT movie ( which presumably tells QT instruments to play).

    IS there any way to extract the MIDI?

  3. Bizzo

    Bizzo New Member

    Ctrl-click (Right Click) on the link and do 'Save linked file as...'

    Save it, then you can import it.

    However, I went to do this and it links to the 'Moon River.mid' file...

    Try it out...
  4. Bizzo

    Bizzo New Member

    Sorry, I tried to download 'My Foolish Heart'. That is the one that is linked incorrectly.

    Just follow the same directions as above with one of the MIDI files for 'My Romance'

    Did that help?
  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Strange Peter, I was able to D/L a Midi file and import it into Logic without any trouble. It was this one:

    and is called MyRomanceGM.mid.

    Let me know, if it doesn't work I'll find a way to get it to you.

    kind regards

  6. chrisb

    chrisb New Member

    It downloads as a midi file here too, imports into Finale/Logic w no problem
  7. Bizzo

    Bizzo New Member


    Just so you know that you aren't going crazy, if I single click the link it most certainly fires up QT in Safari.

    The ctrl-click will get you the option to download the file.
  8. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Or, single click so it opens in QT, then click on the download triangle at RH of QT player and choose "Save as Source". This way you can audition it in QT before downloading the actual file.
  9. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I have to send midi files some times... here's my method:

    1) Right click on the midi file and make archive (or compress on 10.5).

    2) Find the zip file, and email to them.

    3) Tell them to drag the file to their desktop (on their computer), or right click and select save attachment, and save to a place they will find it.

    4) Double click, and you are good to go, drop it onto Logic.

    I find mail apps and web servers can make a file a bit of a mess. a Zip file seems to be the best way to get a file to someone via email so as to not loose the file type, etc.

    Hope that helps,

    George Leger III
  10. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    thanks everyone - it's just a matter of right-clicking :-(


    this guy is brilliant:

    watch at least beyond the 1st chorus.

    I'll have to check some of his other files.

    A really great teaching aid!


  11. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    He certainly is - any idea what software he used to create that, it's very enlightening, and as you say,
    kind regards

  12. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    ask him - he seems to be right there with email replies - I emailed about my download problem and got an immediate reply.

    I might try playing the MIDIFile with my trio of Ivory, SD2 and Kontakt Acoustic Bass. I reckon it'll sound OK but haven;t had time to set it up.

    If you find out please post here



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