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Logic 9 Midi file workflow Logic9> Guitar Pro > Reflow(Macbook) > to Reflow (iPod).

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by uncle808us, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. uncle808us

    uncle808us Member

    Just wondering if any one here uses Guitar Pro I just bought it and am learning it now. I got it Because I use Reflow on My Mac book and iPod, and it will only load .gp5 files so I have to Export from Logic 9 > import the .mid file into Guitar Pro. (Reflow does not import midi files.) export .gp5 > to Reflow then I can work on them in my iPod. This is the only work flow I could find.
    If anyone knows a better way, Please let me know.
    Score Work flow.> Logic 9> iPod. I also have Music Studio on my iPod but it has no score editor. only Piano Roll.(not a big fan of the Piano Roll editor.)
  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Score editing on an iPod...:eeek:
    How do you do that?
  4. uncle808us

    uncle808us Member

    I use Reflow works the best of any I found no touching the screen for note entry but arrow keys. and other actions for entry. I have tried many and this is the best I have found (exports midi and .gp5)
    iCloud enabled. Desktop and iPod/iphone apps. I use both. works with Guitar Pro well. as it will only import .gp5 files also powerTab files. Search for it. If you are interested.
  5. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    I would have found the iPod screen asset really too small for such a job...
    Maybe on an iPad.
    I must get old an my eyesight is deteriorating with age...:(
  6. uncle808us

    uncle808us Member

    I'm 65 have lots of glasses. But have no problem composing on my iPod.

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  7. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    Wow even I can see that! exactly what app is that?
  8. uncle808us

    uncle808us Member

    Reflow. for the iPhone/iPod and Mac I have the Mac and iPod versions.

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