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Logic 9 midi in shows notes/chord, but....

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by DavidM, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. DavidM

    DavidM New Member

    happy holidays all,
    midi in shows the notes/chord being played, but during playback my midi out area does nothing. should i expect the selected track to show the note info during playback, or have i missed a set up selection?
    thanks to all for all your help
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Not to worry- that's normal behavior in Logic. No MIDI display during playback.
  4. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Unless you are using an external MIDI device and sending MIDI to it, you should normally never see MIDI out. All's well, as CSeye pointed out.
  5. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    As CSeye pointed there is no MIDI display during playback. Even that there are a few alternatives...

    Alternative One

    For example, if you use a Software Instrument you can cable the instrument channel strip to a Monitor object, re-size the Monitor as you wish, make it as float "frameless" window, make screensets for each instrument etc. A complex environment setup can be made as well so you can switch the instrument monitor view via some numerical or text fader or midi message etc.
    Note: In this scenario you will be able to monitor the midi events only - the Chord variations can not be shown in the Environment monitors like they do in the Transport!
    A special "Chord Monitoring" complex environment tools is possible as well. I have developed a "Chord Translator" which can recognize chord variations and transform them into a given single note (sample) which is useful to play accord guitar samples "musically" (I show that tool in the middle of the demo video in my web page here - there is a diagram with some info about too). It will not be a problem to add or cable just a Text fader (with chord variations names) to its output it it should work...

    Alternative Two

    You can use the IAC to re-route the Logic midi out to its input.
    Here you must take care to prevent from midi feedback which can crash Logic so follow the example steps if you want to try out:
    1. Enable the IAC port in the Mac AMS (at least one port).
    2. If you want to monitor a Software Instrument then patch/cable a Standard Instrument object from the channel strip, select the Standard Instrument object and set its port to IAC.
    3. Before Logic running do not forget to arm OFF the software instrument (R) button otherwise you will go into midi feedback! Solo the track and run Logic - the Transport will show the chord variations (if any) and the midi data...
  6. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    There is always a deeper truth buried in the details...:D

    Screen shots are attached from my successful walk-through of the steps above.
    - First one (Alternative One) shows a floating window Monitor object attached to the Instrument Channel Strip.
    - Second one shows chords extracted from the MIDI region, something very clearly illustrated in Doug Zangar's G3 Score tutorial. This is a different method of getting chords names compared to Tangra's real time Chord Translator.
    - Last one (Alternative Two) shows MIDI output display with chords in the Transport MIDI Monitor. Very Cool

    Thanks to Tangra's brilliant command of the Environment, my understanding of Logic is now deeper than it was a few minutes ago.:thmbup:

    Attached Files:

  7. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Thanks for the your time and the nice images CSeye !
    Unfortunately I do not have any time for Logic lately (I have not touch it for months), so everything I post here is offline based on my experience only. Such illustrations like yours are helpful indeed, so your support is highly appreciated !
    By the way have a Happy New 2013! :thmbup:
  8. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Thank you for those kind words. Your vast knowledge of Logic is truly impressive!

    Best wishes for a profitable 2013:thmbup:
  9. DavidM

    DavidM New Member

    thanks to all of you that posted!!
  10. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Thanks CSeye for the pics. Helps put things in a good context.
  11. Nick Pelletier

    Nick Pelletier New Member

    This post saved my life!

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