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Midi interface or USB?

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Christian Sjonnesen, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Christian Sjonnesen

    Christian Sjonnesen New Member

    I recently set up a music studio using Logic Pro 9 with my Yamaha Clavinova for a keyboard, which I connected with a Roland UM-ONE USB MIDI Interface. it works great and I am finding David Nahmani's "Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9" an invaluable learning tool.

    I also have a Yamaha PSR 3000 keyboard and I am trying to connect it to my system so I can access its instruments in my compositions. The manual for the PSR 3000 recommends connecting to a computer with a USB cable (rather than with MIDI cables), which I have done. However, something isn't right because I can't record from it into Logic Pro. I can use the Clavinova keyboard to play the PSR 3000 and the recorded part shows up in the Arrange window, but I can't seem to get the sound to feed through the computer's speakers and there's no sound at all during "playback.

    Do I need an interface with multiple cables so I can connect the PSR 3000 to it instead of directly to the computer via USB? Or is there something I'm missing, since I'm new at this?

    Please help,
  3. Hugo Jacquet

    Hugo Jacquet Member

    The USB connection does not carry "sound", but midi i recon...So if the midi is in the arranger window, what sound module does it "pilot"...

    If the midi in the arranger window is not "connected" to anything (a sound source, like a softsynth or your your keyboard, no sound will happen.

    In that respect: if your keyboard is connected to the computer (logic) and logic sends the midi back to your keyboard (assuming your keyboard has sounds on board) how can you expect the sound to come out of your computer speakers?

    The sound has to come out of your keyboard.

    If you want your computer to make the sound you can do 2 things:

    - You route the audio of your keyboard back into the computer and track that in logic (audio, not midi).

    - OR: you put a soft synth on the midi track to generate the audio...


  4. Christian Sjonnesen

    Christian Sjonnesen New Member

    Hugo, thank you for your advice.

    Being very new to this, I need a little more direction. In order to route the audio of the keyboard (PSR 3000) into Logic, do I play the keyboard and use the MAC's built in microphone to pick up the sound as audio? Could you please clarify?

  5. forgetr

    forgetr Member

    If your keyboard has speakers, you can record it into Logic using the built-in microphone of your Mac, but it's going to pretty terrible.

    In order to route the audio (not MIDI) directly into Logic from your keyboard, you need to connect your keyboard to an audio interface with a 1/4" male-to-male cable and then connect the interface to your computer. You cannot get the audio (that is, the actual sound of your keyboard patches) from your keyboard into Logic with a direct USB connection or a MIDI interface.
  6. Christian Sjonnesen

    Christian Sjonnesen New Member


    Thanks for your info. It's beginning to make sense now!
    I happened to find something used for sale that might do the trick: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB Interface 8X8 with MX Core DSP Technology, compatible with MAC OSX. Do you think that's likely to work for me?

    Please let me know what you think,

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