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Logic TDM MIDI lockup, problems with Digidesign 003 driver?

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by o.m., Jun 4, 2012.

  1. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    After installing the Digidesign 002/003 driver today, I´ve gotten some problems.

    When trying to start Logic first time after installing the driver, it took a long time checking MIDI drivers, before I was told there was something wrong with my them, so I needed to restart my computer. So I did, and Logic started up as normal. I recorded a 12 track session, everything seemed to work out just fine.

    When returning home to my RME Fireface, I´m having trouble starting up Logic, and get the same message about errors on the MIDI drivers. When I to start Utilities->Audio and MIDI setup in Finder, and then opening the MIDI window, it says "loading" for a long time. After a while I get a message that the MIDI server could not be opened, and are recommended to remove newly installed drivers. I´ve tried removing what I can of Digidesign stuff, but I keep getting the same issues after a new restart. "Digi CoreAudio Device" still shows up in Audio units, but I can´t get the option to remove it, and it also shows up in Audio devices in OSX preferences (hm, I don´t know the right translation here. It´s where you can switch between external or internal sound devices for In/Out). This happens whether RME Fireface is connected or not, and I´ve tried several restarts.

    Preferably I would keep/reinstall the driver, as I need to use the Digidesign 003 Rack+ next week as well, but first of all I need to start up Logic.

    The installed/active MIDI devices are 2 iOS remote apps and Native Instruments Kore. I mostly use Logic without any of these, but even if I just installed the last iOS app connection (DAW Remote) a few days ago, I´ve never been having any issues with this.

    Anyone who know how I might solve this problem?

    Macbook (early 2008), OSX 10.7.4, Logic Pro 9.1.7).
  3. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I had to take out the digi midi drivers ( but not audio) in order to get my set up to work just last week. They were in library/audio/ midi (roughly).

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  4. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    I vaguely remember having come across this at some time or another as well and having to remove the Digi MIDI drivers. And it seemed to solve things.
  5. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    I forgot to tell, but I got the same tip from my local music store, and it solved the problems for me as well.
  6. bevin

    bevin New Member

    Hey im having same problem and cant sort it. have looked in the library/audio/midi folder and cant see the file(s) that you mention. can you give me some more details?
    thanks :)
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Root level of the system drive ---> Library ---> Audio ---> MIDI Devices or MIDI Drivers.

    If it's not there, check in the same directories in your User Libraries. But it should be in the Global one.
  8. bevin

    bevin New Member

    Niceone! thanks :) did not know there were two librarys! #lessonlearnt

    JL MUSIC New Member

    digidesign Midi Driver stopping Logic 9 when installing digi 003Rack +


    I have been using Logic since 1.560 B.C. :)

    And for some stupid reason this is the FIRST time i join a usergroup like this.

    You guys just solved my problem when installing a Digi 003 Rack+ with Logic 9
    on Mac OS Lion (10.7.3)

    THANK YOU!!!

    And WHY! is it always that WE the USERS who BUY these products for professional use for a lot of money, ALWAYS have to do all the hazzle with software/hardware/drivers/operatives?!

    To ALL you manufacturers and developers out there PLEASE!
    get better at giving US the USERS who buy YOUR PRODUCTS and paying your salarys the BEST SUPPORT and HELP you can.

    I don´t know how many hours, days, weeks and months i have spent the last
    20 years as a musician/studio owner/producer on trouble shooting...

    And mostly getting my help from collegues, or forums like this one.

    THANKS to ELI in Montreal! :)


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