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Logic 7 & earlier Midi note volume

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by Phil.c, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Phil.c

    Phil.c New Member

    Is there a way in Logic 7 to play midi notes in a region/s at the same volume/velocity?
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Not to sound pedantic, but technically, it's all at the same volume by default unless you have automation modulating the volume level.

    As far as playing back notes in a region all at the same velocity, yes you can do that. With your region selected, go to the region parameter box, and set the dynamics value to fixed. This will fix all the velocity values at 64. You can then use the velocity field to offset +/- from 64 as needed.

    You can also use the transform window to fix the note velocities at whatever value you want.

    Or if you mean that you want to play your keyboard and have it generate the same velocity level no matter how hard you play, you can achieve this by placing a transformer object in the Environment between the Physical Input and Sequencer Input in the Clicks and Ports layer. Under operations, choose "fix" in the velocity field and set it at whatever value you want.

    Hope this helps.....
  4. Phil.c

    Phil.c New Member

    Thanks Eli,

    The notes have already been played so they vary in volume/velocity etc.

    I've gone to transform and i've changed the note lengths to make them all the same, but I can't find how to change the velocities there, if I highlight the list and then change the value, they all change but not to the same value.

    The dynamics that you mentioned, does'nt this just set notes that are about to be played?

  5. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Selet all notes in the score and set them to fixed velocity.

    Local menu in the score window:

  6. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Peter's picture is worth a thousand words! :D

    ?? List? Sounds like you are talking about the Event List?? In that case, hold down option and shift while dragging the velocity values in order to fix them all at the same level.

    If you set the parameters there with no region selected, it will be applied to incoming MIDI in newly recorded regions. If you select your region first, the parameters will be applied to the notes already existing in the region.
  7. Phil.c

    Phil.c New Member

    Thanks guys!

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