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Logic 8 MIDI odd behavior

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Chordaroy, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Chordaroy

    Chordaroy New Member


    I've been working on a demo for a client and I am having the strangest issues.

    When copying midi data from external midi track/region on to Instrument track the data ie notes, velocity, program data is showing up in the media list and on the track but no sound is coming through that track. But only on the rock organ, I've copied and pasted data from guitar and bass track successfully but the rock organ is driving me crazy!!!

    Also I have been getting signals into my 003 rack. Buttons are coming on for no obvious reason. Like the mono, Aux, HPF lights come on and they are muting sound when Aux in gets engaged. Where would the messages be coming from to do this?

    I've reloaded the original file, copied the data to new external midi instrument tracks and the file is playing fine.

    My first post hear. Usually I can get an answer from others experiences. Sorry for the length.


    Logic 8
    003 Rack
    Mini Me
    Yamaha Portable Grand
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    There is no instrument called rock organ in Logic. Do you probably mean the "60's Rock Organ"? This is a preset of the EVB3 instrument (a simulation of a B3 organ). It can respond to 3 manuals and therefore depends on MIDI channels. Normally you use channel 1,2,3, consult the manual for the configuration. If you use the wrong channels the instrument is silent or plays unexpected tones.

    You have to find the source and kind of the messages. Best is to install Midi Monitor and look which messages come from where. If you don't need them, block them either on the sending device or in Logic, on the Click & Ports layer in the environment.
  4. Chordaroy

    Chordaroy New Member


    Thanks Peter. It was the EVB3 that I was using. Specifying the channel in the instrumet solved everything including the messages to the 003.



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