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Logic X MIDI Recording Bug

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by paulnajar, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. paulnajar

    paulnajar Senior member

    A long time ago Logic could record MIDI in a way that seemed perfect to me. Then one day (ages ago) it got broke in an update and it's never been good since.

    How I was once able to MIDI record was with Replace on and my record button (ten keypad asterix button) assigned to Record/ Record Repeat behaviour. If for example I was recording a bass line playing live from a keyboard and after a few bars I made a mistake, I would stop and roll back to the beginning of the bar I made the mistake in and hit record, I would get a one bar count where I hear the previous bar and then I would play and Logic would trim the previous region end to my record in point - but if I then made a mistake all I needed to do to replace record from the last record in point was to hit asterix and logic would jump back to the last record in point, give me the same 1 bar count and record again from the same point. I could do this any number of times over and over until I got it right and logic would just behave and do it. Even if you played during the count in bar logic would even record that as though in overlap mode and TEHN go into replace mode (if you had it on). Not anymore.

    Now and for a while since it got broken what happens is from stop if I record over a region, the behaviour was like I described above but then if I used the asterix to record repeat, logic erases an additional bar of my recorded performance that I did not want to loose even though I am recording from the bar AFTER the bar logic erases. Logic is completely unaware it's even erased anything I did not record over and it's proved by the fact that if you hit undo, it doesn't restore the bar it wrongly erased - it only restores any region after the record in point.

    I'm calling it a bug unless someone can explain what the logic guys are thinking here.

    In desperation I start this thread hoping somebody has a workaround.

    Kind regards

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