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Logic 8 MIDI signal/sustain issue: Note (A-3)sticking will not shut off

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by mmp, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. mmp

    mmp New Member

    Problem SOLVED!!!
    Good info here for anyone else vexed with similar issues:
    Logic stores histories of all note parameters played in its Preferences location. Access to this is through the Library directory in Mac's Finder.

    First, Quit Logic - make sure it is off completely.

    Goto Finder> Library> Preferences> System Configuration folder. There, listed in alphabetical order, find these settings:

    1. com.apple.logic.pro.plist

    2. com.apple.logic.pro.cs

    3. com.apple.loginwindow.plist

    Send numbers 1 & 2 to the trash - LEAVE number 3 alone.

    Then restart logic & try keyboard again.
    This took care of my issue - I didn't know Logic stored preference parameters from live-play this way.
    - Hope this will help anyone else who come across this.

    Hello everyone - While I was working with the synth patch "Curved Air" and the Sculpture plug-in, somehow Logic has stored into it's internal synths a corruption or mix-up of the MIDI signal from my S-90 Keyboard in combination with the sustain foot-switch.   

    The note (A-3) stays on and will not shut off when played and also has a delayed response when played.  This now shows up with all internal synths: ESX24, Sculpture, ES2, etc., in every patch I tried with it - even after shutting down & restarting logic.  

    It's just with this one note, no others.  The problem does not seem to be with my keyboard - I tested it and it works fine by itself - and works normally with Garage Band.
    Would really appreciate anyone's advice here - Thanks.

    I'm using an older power mac G5 2.0 and a Yamaha S-90 keyboard
  3. aaaannddy

    aaaannddy New Member

    Similar problem

    OH MY GOD YOU'RE A GENIUS. Thank you--I've been trying to solve this problem all day!
  4. sunnycap

    sunnycap New Member


    I just attempted your instructions for preventing keyboard notes from sticking and when I restarted Logic and opened my project all the plug-ins had black lines across them and the audio files would not play. All files have become this way. I worked on Logic for a year and have never seen it do this

    Not only that, but when I attempt to create a new project all I'm allowed to do is create external MIDI tracks.

    I'm no whiz at Logic but something is definitely wrong now and was just fine until I moved #1 & #2 to the trash.

    Some help here?

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