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Logic 9 Migrating Favorites folder to 2nd workstation

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Judith Gruber-Stitzer, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Judith Gruber-Stitzer

    Judith Gruber-Stitzer Senior member


    I've copied the Logic pref plist from work station A to workstation B. Unfortunately, the favorites selection in my Apple Loops browser didn't appear.

    The system and sample drives that contain the loops are named differently on each work station. Could that be the reason it's not working?

    Each day, I'll be going back and forth between 2 stations for the next few months as I work on the same project in different locations.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this hasn't worked? I'd really appreciate any tips or tricks.


  3. heartmood

    heartmood New Member

    Hi Judith,
    My suggestion would be: get Plist EditPro (http://www.fatcatsoftware.com/plisteditpro/) to look into the plist and edit the volume names. If the problem is really the volume names you could use Bbedit (http://www.barebones.com) to search the plist for the volume names and change them all at once with Bbedit's powerful search and replace function, you can even search folders of files. It saved me countless hours.
  4. JGS

    JGS Member

    Hi HM,

    I'll try your suggestion. Thanks!


  5. Judith Gruber-Stitzer

    Judith Gruber-Stitzer Senior member

    I just did some checking and so long as the relevant hard drives of the 2 work stations have the same name, the Logic plist transfer works fine!

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