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Logic 8 Migration Assistant on new Mac Pro w L8

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by charlie, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Ok, I finally received my new Mac Pro 2.26 Dual, 16 gigs RAM. I am poised to install L8 Studio but first I wanted to move some files from my PPC G4 PowerBook (which was OSX.4.11, Logic 7.2.3) to the new system.
    I never used Apple's Migration Assistant but thought this was a good time to do so!
    It asks you what you want to move and I carefully de-selected the check-boxes for "Applications" (as I'm not really sure what it would do with PPC apps on an Intel machine.)
    I made the migration settings pretty minimal all around.

    Well, 15 minutes into the process, something wasn't right with the migration process and I had to restart both machines. Long story short, third time was a charm. I guess...

    I saw that in the Application Support folder (on the mac pro,) it brought over many folders which I assume are saved settings and user presets for my audio plug-ins. It also brought over my Logic 7 folders. Some of which were Channel Strip settings and others.
    Would these be a problem once I install Logic Studio 8?
    I have read the FAQ and saw how one must save an Autoload as a template.
    Anyone ever have problems with support files from L7 confusing L8 Studio?

    Thanks in advance.


    Just a note: those 16 gigs of RAM I got were from Other World Computing.
    I have NO affiliation with these guys but my tech engineer & I were impressed
    with this deal. 16 gigs DDR3 RAM for the Mac Pro = $299.99!!
    Check it out here:
    http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other World Computing/85MP3E2M16GK/

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