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MIO Questions:

Discussion in 'Metric Halo' started by xtov, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. xtov

    xtov New Member

    Hello again Metric Halo friends,

    I've been saving up some questions:

    1. How many instances of character + mio strip (compression, EQ etc plug) can my ULN-2 handle?

    I'm generally bussing from Logic to MIO into stereo tracks (mono for bass) - up to 8. I'd like to add character and a strip to each, plus one or two reverb busses. Should it be able to handle this?

    2. How can I set up to monitor a headphone mix - on my monitors, whilest the musician is playing in another room and listening to the mix through their headphones? At the moment I can only engage headphones or main output (monitors). Can I use the DSP window to route further than the monitor control window allows? Note I don't have the +DSP license.

    3. How can I engage the monitor volume on the front panel of the ULN-2?

    4. When booting up Logic sessions which were using MIO 5.2, it seems to be loading this version, even though it was removed: ie., 5.3 doesn't load as normal - another instance of the MIO software loads. How do I sort this?

    I actually think the software has glitches since the 5.3 update. It definitely isn't running as smoothly. Do you guys have a clensing script I could use to ensure MIO is loaded correctly and up to date?

    Thanks again for your help.

  3. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    Available DSP varies from setup to setup; mixers take the most power. You should be able to fit the setup you're talking about on a 2d enabled box.

    How are you feeding their headphones? I would:
    1) Route the headphone mix to Analog 1/2 to feed the artist's headphone amp
    2) Set the headphone mix and main mix as sources in the Monitor Controller that outputs to Monitor L/R

    The artist always hears their mix, and you can listen to their mix or the main on your monitors or headphones.

    I don't understand your question; audio routed to Monitor L/R goes through the monitor volume pot and then to the outputs, as well as going through the cans volume pot and on to the headphone amp.

    There's another copy of MIO Console somewhere on your hard drive; you need to find it and delete it.

    I'm not aware of one. Go to

    and download the package marked "Current version". If you move that version of MIO Console to your Application folder, install that driver (which will overwrite whatever is currently installed) and confirm that your interface is running the downloaded version of the firmware you will be up to date. If you have further issues you should open a support ticket.
  4. xtov

    xtov New Member

    Thanks for your response Allen,

    Re Q2: Can you send me a screen shot of that set up? I'm not sure what I'm not getting. I've attached a screen shot of my monitor control setup and my mixer setup. I'm guessing I need to create another master stereo buss and route that to another monitor path but I'm not sure how to set it up.

    Re Q3: The monitor volume pot has never worked for me. Now I'm thinking my set up is what is not allowing it to work?

    Let me know if you'd rather I open a support ticket.

    Thanks again,

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  5. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    I've attached a console file that feeds an external headphone amp on Analog 1/2, and lets you monitor either the main mix or the headphone using the Monitor Controller.

    Regarding the Monitor pot; looking at your routing, you are feeding your Focals from Analog L/R. The Monitor pot doesn't control signals from Analog L/R, it controls signals from the Monitor bus. Patch your Focals into the Monitor L/R outputs, and their level wil be controlled from the front panel pot.


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  6. xtov

    xtov New Member

    Wow :redface:

    Hasn't that just sorted me out.

    Thanksomuch! :D
  7. xtov

    xtov New Member

    Digital noise/static

    Hi Allan,

    I'm definitely not running the signal too hot... I'm getting digital noise When I engage a preamp modeller or a channel strip for compression & EQ. Rendering the applications unusable for recording.

    Can you give me a few suggestions of what might be happening here?

  8. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    It would be best for you to open a support ticket and have support take a look at what's going on with your configuration.

  9. xtov

    xtov New Member

    No problem.. have submitted my query.


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