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missing sound from soundtrack pro needed

Discussion in 'Legacy Logic Studio Applications' started by jmob, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. jmob

    jmob New Member

    Hello all,

    first time posting here and I could really use your help. I had to pull up an old project for a client and I discovered that a sound that used to be in the soundtrack pro library is not there anymore.

    it must be from an older version because it is not even on my logic 8 install disks.

    specifically, the file name is "the tad sound.caf" which would be located in:

    Apple loops for soundtrack pro/apple loops/Chris Moulios

    If anyone out there would be so kind as to see if they have this sound and send it to me, I would be in your debt.


  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    I have it. Let me know your email address and I'll send it. It's only 81kb.
  4. jmob

    jmob New Member

  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

  6. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    You might want to edit out your email address rather than have it public where spam harvesters will pick it up.
  7. jmob

    jmob New Member

    Thanks again man. you are a lifesaver.
  8. jmob

    jmob New Member

    yeah, you would think that. it's publicly listed on my website ( as well as my google voice number. The email is through google so spam is never really a problem.

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