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Logic 9 More Newby Questions -Thank you

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by asimmd, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Hello All

    Newby questions again.

    Can I import my Audio Backing Tracks from an External HDD?

    Can I Import them from an External DVD?

    Logic Loaded the 32bit version to my Mac Mini.
    Is that correct,I thought Logic was 64bit?


  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Logic can import audio from those locations.

    Do you mean 32 bit audio files vs 24? Or do you mean that Logic is running in 32 bit and you want it to be in 64 bit mode? Or...?
  4. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Logic is running in32 Bit mode.
    I thought Logic was a 64 Bit programme?

    It does not matter as 32 Bit is fine for what I do.

    I needed to know about the Cd import as I have a lot of backing tracks on
    I tried to import from an external HDD but it would not let me,I had to put the file on the MC HDD then I could import it into Logic.

    I must say thet the external HDD is formatted NTFS, it's the one I used on my PC.

  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    To run Logic in 64 bit mode, control-click on the application, then uncheck run in 32 bit mode.

    Import audio from CD?
    Insert the CD, then go to the Bin Audio File local menu>Add Audio File...

    Or simply drag and drop the files from the CD onto the Arrange window.
  6. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Hello CSeye

    Many thanks for the info which I have written down.

    I suppose the question I should ask is does running in 64bit mode have any advantages over 32bit?

  7. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Alan, feel free to have a look through the FAQ which deals with this and many other questions:

    kind regards

  8. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Hello Mark,thank you for the link.

    I have read the FAQ but it does not mention what the benefits of running in
    64 bit are.

  9. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry if it isn't clear Alan - simply click on the link in FAQ #9:

    "Logic Pro and MainStage 64-bit mode FAQ"

    That takes you to an Apple document which in turn refers to running Logic and Mainstage in 64 bit.

    kind regards

  10. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Hello Mark

    Apologies,senior moment crept in.

    I have found it now and it answers my question.

    As I am running 4gig Ram at the moment I will stay in 32bit mode,but
    will change to 64bit when I upgrade the Ram to 16gig.

    Many thanks

  11. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Welcome to Logic 9. :thmbup:
    Forgive me but, I am curious as to why it is important for you to work at 64 bit?
    My apologies if I am missing something. You might need the horse-power of 64 bit with whatever you are doing but I wasn't getting that from your posts.:hippy:
    FWIW, I run Logic 9 on a MacPro with 16Gigs of RAM but most of my sessions are 32 bit (which, obviously uses only 4 gigs of memory.)
    My projects run anywhere from 20-50 audio/VI tracks with roughly a dozen busses (or more) at 24/48k.
    My workflow (time-constraints) permits me the freedom to freeze tracks that are CPU intensive to operate well within my 32 bit world.
    That may be too slow for some professionals here, but my deadlines are usually a bit more flexible than those who need the horse-power to get it done yesterday.;)
    Whatever bit rate you choose, I hope you have a fun & creative experience using it. :thmbup:
  12. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Hello Charlie

    Many thanks for the reply,it is not important for me to run in 64bit mode.

    The reason for the question was to find out how to run 64bit in order to access the extra memory I was planning to install.

    Now I have learnt that the 4 Gig that it comes with is sufficient for most peoples needs, I will not need to install the 16gig I had in mind.

    I have only had my Mac for 4 day's,and I am still getting to find my way round.This is the very first Mac I have ever had,having built and used PC's for over 20 years,and the more knowledge I can gain helps me to understand why I don't need something, as well as why I would.

    Hope that makes sense.


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