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Motu has no input connections

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Denis Chopin, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Denis Chopin

    Denis Chopin New Member

    Hi Everybody

    I'm new here so would appreciate help. Also new to Mac and Logic so could use your input. I have just bought brand new imac Pro with Logic Pro 9 and am running OS Lion OS X 10.7 Everything installed beautifully. Uploaded driver for Motulite mk3 hybrid to mac and recieved message saying. This device has no input connections. Can hear ok but when I plug in guitar nothing. I went to apple website loaded upgrade to 10.7.2 and also to motu for new update. uploaded still no joy. Have unplugged and replugged firewire and even tried running it via USB but still no joy.

    Any suggestions????

    Thank you Denis
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Have you contacted MOTU tech support?

    USB or Firewire? What happens if you switch to the other? FW is most robust. I've read about some grumblings with hybrid units.

    Do you see inputs on the CueMix software?

    My old 828 mkll works with L9.1.6 and latest version of Lion.
  4. Denis Chopin

    Denis Chopin New Member

    Hi CSeye waiting for MOTU to get back

    Tried both Firewire and USB both don't work. Not sure what CueMix Software is????

  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

  6. Denis Chopin

    Denis Chopin New Member

    Hi Markdvc thanks for that yes I do remember seeing it and I looked but everything seems to be ok and I still can't hear anything. I guess I will have to wait until support gets back to me. So annoying I have a new toy and I can't play with it.

    Thank you Denis
  7. Denis Chopin

    Denis Chopin New Member

    Found it

    HI all

    Thank you I have sussed it. Motu sets the Cue FX Mix settings to Mute on default. Just turn the mute off and you got sound. Weird way to set it though.

    Thank you for your help

  8. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hey Denis,

    Thanks for that heads up. I do tech support for many users who use MOTU hardware. I haven't encountered this problem, maybe it's something new with the latest revision of Cuemix, or with Cuemix and Lion together. Anyway, it's good to know about it.

    I just had a very similar experience with a wireless Sennheiser headset mic I just bought for my girlfriend. We couldn't get it to work, called tech support and they were stumped. Brought it in to them, still stumped and had the same problem on his system. Back and forth with the developers; they called me back a day and half later to say that the settings default to muting the input. A single click fixed it. And it took the tech support and the developers a day and half to get to the bottom of it. Unbelievable!

    PS: Wally - good to know the 828 mk ll is working well under Lion. I'm a step behind you. I'm still using my 828 mk ll on OS 10.6.8; but will ultimately have to move to Lion at some point....:D
  9. Denis Chopin

    Denis Chopin New Member

    Thanx for your reply

    Hi Eli

    I love this forum.....no doubt I will be back sometime :( So I guess we'll talk again

    Kind regards

  10. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    The MOTU drivers didn't skip a beat during my transition to Lion. The same can't be said for other components of my system.

    I've considered picking up an Ultralite-mk3 Hybrid but I simply don't have any issues with the 828 mk ll. It functions as expected :thmbup:
  11. Denis Chopin

    Denis Chopin New Member

    Functioning great now

    Hi CSeye

    No you are absolutely right. Now I've unmuted the default everything is fab :)

    Thanks Denis
  12. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hi Denis,

    MOTU drivers are among the best: stable and always ahead of the upgrade curve.

    I remember when looking into the 828 mk ll several years ago, that it's compatibility was pretty amazing: Mac and PC, including relatively old operating systems (like Windows 98, and of course OS 9 on the Mac side), and also the latest OS for both platforms.

    The Ultralite mk3 hybrid is a very appealing, feature-packed interface, especially with the cool built-in software. A perfect complement to Logic 9. :thmbup:
  13. Denis Chopin

    Denis Chopin New Member

    Hi CSeye

    I agree I'm just getting used to everything and love the onboard software package....all running now smoothly with Logic. Best thanks for your support and have a great Christmas


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