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Move Cycle/Locators by Division?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Melvin Morranis, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Melvin Morranis

    Melvin Morranis New Member

    I was testing out TouchOSC for controlling logic and it has this cool "Move Cycle" button above the rewind/forward buttons (the touchOSC command was /1/bycycle). When enabled (and even when disabled, as long as the cycle is on) this allows the cycle to be moved 1 bar at a time by hitting rewind/forward. I have what I imagine to be uncommon need to move the cycle by division (ultimately looking for quarter notes)

    I can't find any key command to activate some sort of "by cycle" modifier for forward/rewind, nor can I find either move locators or move cycles by division length. The fact that TouchOSC can do it lets me know it is possible somehow but I can't even think of a string of commands/menu items/etc. that might be able to replicate this behavior on the logic side... I can map rewind/forward by division to a controller just fine but is there any way to get the cycle/locators to go with it?
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Try setting your cycle range to a quarter note, or whatever length you want, and then use the following key commands:

    Move Locators forward by cycle length Command+Shift+.

    Move Locators Backwards by Cycle length Command+Shift+,
  4. Melvin Morranis

    Melvin Morranis New Member

    Eli - I love to think of your comments as a thought bubble to your awesome avi... makes me very happy. I need my cycle length to be different from the increments i'm trying to move it by tho so that wouldn't do for my purpose

    I was not able to recreate the cool "by cycle" modifier button situation, but I was able to to find a way to map a custom "move locators by division" command which is not available in the key commands window. In the Controller Assignments window, I made a mapping to a button on my controller and then adjusted the properties of the that assignment after the fact. There is a whole world of fun stuff in there but my key settings were thus:

    Controller Assignments Parameter
    Class: Global
    Parameter: Move Locators
    Part: Division

    Midi Input Message - info was input by mapping to another parameter but could be done other ways

    Multiply - make the one positive or negative for whichever direction you are mapping (forward/reverse)
    Mode: Relative
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Sounds like you've found a very imaginative workaround!

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