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Multiple ES1's + Automation

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by odinuk, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. odinuk

    odinuk New Member


    First thread here and brand new to logic from cubase (10 years ago) ;)

    I've a had a look around the forum but can't seem to locate any similar issues.

    I'm running two instances of ES1, one for a nice chord pad and another for bass on different tracks through different channels.

    I'm using an Alesis VI49 controller and have mapped a couple of knobs to the Pad ES1 instance (cutoff and release).

    I've noticed however that the cutoff and release are being affected on the bass instance of the ES1 when I turn the knobs too.

    I'm sure I'm probably missing something obvious but I can't seem to get my keyboard knobs to only control the cutoff and release for either single instance of the ES1.

    Tips appreciated.


  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    OK, follow the steps:
    1. Delete all previous assignments.
    2. Learn the ES1 Pad Cutoff to say CC13.
    3. Open the Controller Assignments (see the image below) select the assignment and change the "Channel Strip" setting to Software Instrument and the set the Software Instrument Number to the right.
    4. Learn the ES1 Bass Cutoff to other number say CC14. Change the "Channel Strip" setting to Software Instrument and the set the Software Instrument Number to the right.

    Repeat the procedure for the release parameters learning. In this scenario you can select any track in the Main Window and control the Software Instrument parameters without track selection dependance (which messes up) your assignments in your old setup.

  4. odinuk

    odinuk New Member

    Hey Tangra,

    Thanks for the response. Really appreciate it.

    Doing exactly as you say but when I click the learn button to stop the message being sent and change the channel strip assignment to software instrument the "parameter" column changes to (ES1 Synthesizer1):

    And then nothing is learned :)
  5. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    I guess you are doing something wrong during the learning order. Here is an example:
    1. Press the Learn Button in CA.
    2. Twitch the ES1 Parameter (for example the Cutoff).
    3. Twitch the External Controller knob.
    4. Switch OFF the Learn Button manually if it is still ON.
    5. Do the Channel Strip procedures I described in the previous post.

    Follow the upper procedures for each assignment.
  6. odinuk

    odinuk New Member

  7. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    I'm sorry for the latency.
    I had a look at your video. I noted in one moment that you click the "Class" menu which destroyed your assignment. Do not touch the "Class" menu after the learning.
    I exported a short video where I learn the ES1 Cutoff to CC13 and the ES1 release to CC14. I have changed the assignments to Software Instrument number 2 so I can control the parameters without track selection dependance (I show that at the end of the Video).

    ES1 Demo Parameters Learning QT VIDEO: DOWNLOAD

  8. odinuk

    odinuk New Member


    Wasn't choosing the correct instrument number! :brkwl:

    Thank you so much Ivan.


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