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Logic 8 Multiple monitors on Logic

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by miguelmarques, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. miguelmarques

    miguelmarques New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I've got a small question to you. I have 2 pairs of monitors, the first going out on Analog Out 1-2 and the other going on Analog Out 3-4.

    I've got a mixing session with all my tracks going to Analog Out 1-2 but I would like to duplicate the mix to Analog Out 3-4 so i could check the mix on other speakers.

    Any ideas on how to do this?
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Here's what you can do:

    * Route the output of all your tracks to an unused bus/aux. Let's say bus 16 for example

    * Logic will automatically generate an aux with bus 16 set as the input.

    * Manually create a second stereo aux with the same, bus 16 as the input.

    * Assign the output of one of th aux's to 1-2; and the other to 3-4.

    * Selectively mute/unmute one of the aux's at a time to alternate playback between the tow stereo output pairs.
  4. miguelmarques

    miguelmarques New Member

    Thank you for the answer! I've already thought of this method but using this way i'll have like 4-5 more tracks on the mixing board. 2 output channels, 2 stereo aux, 1 master track.

    Is there a way in the environment to duplicate an audio signal or that? Or if the output track could have sends would be great.

    What happens if you want to send you're entire mix to a musician? You've got to send track by track?
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Can't have sends on an output track. Really,the only way to have signal reach multiple hardware outputs simultaneously is through the use of Auxs.

    If you want to send an entire mix to a musician (like through the headphone out's of your interface), what I do is assign a send on each track to an unused bus. Then on the aux that is created automatically with that bus set as the input, assign the output to the physical headphone (or other) output on your interface.

    What I do is option click on the sends on the tracks (in regular post fader mode) so that the mix by defaults mirrors the main mix. You can then adjust individual send levels where necessary to customize the headphone mix.
  6. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    The best way is to have an analog switcher. This is built into devices like the Mackie Big Knob, Presonus Central Station and Monitor Station, Samson C-Control (this one's a cheap piece of junk though). Such a device will have the stuff that any good mixer would have had besides the mixing capabilities: Volume, Headphones, Talkback, Input Source switch, Output [monitor] Destination switch....

    If you want the exact same mix as you're hearing to go to the talent, then such a box I mentioned would achieve this. If you want a different mix, then you'll have to use a send on every track (pre fade would simulate what analog mixers' Monitor sends would have had).
  7. miguelmarques

    miguelmarques New Member

    Thank for all your answers!
  8. yoctoyotta

    yoctoyotta New Member

    There is an potentially interesting alternative for you in Logic 9:

    In 'Preferences > Audio > I/O Assignments > Output' there is a new section for the Stereo Output. There you can set a physical output, and the output of the channel strip object "Output 1-2" (now called "Stereo Output") will actually play out using that physical output.
    This way, all stereo projects (in any setup) can always be routed to this "Stereo Output", and any studio setup that uses a different output pair can select that up in their preferences. In your case you would select the physical output 3-4.
    Additionally you can enable the "Mirroring" checkbox, which makes sure that the Stereo Output signal is not only played out via the physical output 3-4 but also via the physical output 1-2.

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  9. miguelmarques

    miguelmarques New Member

    If it works it seems to be perfect for my needs! I have diferent volume controlors on both speakers so I can have the mix going both the outputs.

    Thanks for the info! I was already waiting on my L9 copy, you just got me anxious about it. :D

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