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Logic 9 My Project Stopped Recording

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by foxymoron, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. foxymoron

    foxymoron New Member

    Hi, Guys

    Any reason why I would not get guitar audio printed? I have my guitar plugged into my MOTU Traveler and that is going into Logic. I hear the guitar with Logic effects coming back to me. I set the track to record and it "records", but when I stop, there is nothing there. I'm baffled. I have signal coming in. I can see it when I'm playing.

    Is there any reason why it's doing this? Could it be too many plugins and not enough resources? I'm running with 13 gigs in 64 bit. I AM using a lot of different plug ins, including the Mastering plugs on the output. If you have some suggestions, please respond. Thanks!

  3. foxymoron

    foxymoron New Member

    Okay, I just discovered that the recording I make plays back, but the waveform is not visible in the arrange window. When I double click the region, it shows up in the sample editor pane as well, but is, as I said, invisible in the arrange window. Not only that, but latency has reared its ugly head since yesterday, and though I lowered the buffer, there is still a significant amount. Is that the plugins again? I'm still baffled as to why these most recent takes are invisible in the arrange window when they have been fine so far.


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