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Need Help With External Synth MIDI Playback Please

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by guerillary, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. guerillary

    guerillary New Member

    I recently picked up a Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003. Man it sounds great! I can record MIDI & audio with it into Logic Pro X via MIDI Out cable connector on my USB keyboard controller without a problem, however can't figure out how to playback the recorded MIDI track to generate sound from the external synth.

    Doing so with my USB external synths works fine but the Boomstar only has MIDI connections. Just trying to hit play on Logic and have pre-recorded MIDI data on External MIDI track (with plugin activated) play the Boomstar. Can't figure out why it's not working when I'm able to play and record it live with no problem. Basically the MIDI data isn't getting to the Boomstar from Logic Pro X, even though the keyboard controller is connected via USB and the synth is connected to the MIDI out of that controller. Any help is much appreciated!!!
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

  4. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Did you patch an audio cable from the Boomstar 1/4" Audio out to the audio interface which is used by Logic?
    I.e you have to route the Boomstar audio output to a Logic audio track or to use the Software Instrument External Plugin.
    For example:
    Select any Software Instrument Channel Strip and insert the "External Plugin" as a software instrument. Set the "MIDI DESTINATION" (USB or what else which is routed to the Boomstar midi IN) and the audio input (the audio device input where the Boomstar 1/4 Audio is hooked up to) in the External plugin parameters.

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