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New Environment Tutorials Posted at

Discussion in 'Services offered' started by jisley, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. jisley

    jisley New Member

    Hey everybody!

    Just wanted to drop by and let you know I've posted the first in a series of tutorials (text and video) for creating a performance environment in Logic Pro for the EWI on my website. Please pass the word if you know someone who might be interested.

    You can find the tutorials here:

    As always, comments, ideas, and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    Thank you for posting this.

    I play MIDI guitar rather than an EWI but found the Toby Pitman link and your information an excellent way to delve into the Environment. More time will need to be spent actually working through the steps to solidify my understanding of how the Environment works.

    Logic became my DAW of choice as of v8. As such, my limited use of the Environment is based on useful bits from various print and video tutorials.

    Your tutorials were very helpful in that the various stages of developing the setup were to solve a specific problem.

    Great stuff!!!

    Please post more.

  4. jisley

    jisley New Member

    You're welcome!

    When I started working on this stuff there was very little I could find that laid out a clear and concise path to get what I needed. So I figured I would put up the site to collate together all the things I fond helpful AND add whatever personal experiences and observations I could through tutorials.

    Keep checking back. I'll be adding tutorials regularly to the site.

  5. jisley

    jisley New Member

    New tutorials at 07/02/2011

    New tutorials on the site as of today!

    Thanks for your support and for spreading the word!

  6. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Much appreciated. :thmbup:

    I'm guessing that folks such as myself who started with Logic as of version 8 had much less reason to delve into the Environment. Your tutorials are very helpful mini workshops that lead to a better understanding of how the Environment works.

    Best regards,

  7. jisley

    jisley New Member

    Thanks Wally. I appreciate the nod of support.

    I didn't begin using Logic until version 9. I was a Digital Performer user for years before that - and I actually still think DP is great. I made the change to logic for two reasons. I became (and still am) a Creative trainer for Apple, and part of that gig is teaching Logic. I also play EWI and wanted to see what I could do to create a performance setup that was primarily software based. There's no other system, other than maybe Max/MSP, that gives you as much direct control over the MIDI pathway as Logic does so it seemed a good choice. I also have been fascinated by Michael Brecker's Logic environment as created by George Whitty. I wanted to see how much of that I could recreate, especially the harmonic rotators based on the Oberheim rotate mode. I'll be posting a tutorial on how to build those in the next couple of weeks (we're getting there step by step).

    Glad you're finding them useful and please, if you have any suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear them.

    All the best...

  8. dsw67

    dsw67 Member

    Thanks for posting those John. I will definitely check them out.

    Wally, what type of midi guitar are you using?
  9. jisley

    jisley New Member

    NEW! Harmonic Rotator "Lite" for download

    Based on the Oberheim Xpander's "Rotate Mode" used amazingly well by Michael Brecker, here's a free version of a harmonic rotator I programmed for the environment. This is a "lite" version with a few limitations, though it is basically the same functionality as the Xpander.

    The full version of my rotators will come available within a few days and will include three different configurations PLUS a fully integrated MIDI channel strip.

    Full documentation is included in the zip file.

    If you download and use this, please let me know how it works for you and your observations, complaints, kudos - what have you. Enjoy!

    File is available here:

    As always - thanks for your continued support!

  10. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hello dsw67,

    My main controller is the gorgeous Godin LGX-SA which is a high quality 3 voice guitar.

    I picked up a Brian Moore 81.13 as a back up and I'm also very pleased with it as a MIDI controller due to it's RMC pickups.

    At this point, both guitars are being used with a Roland GI-120, which I prefer over the Axon AX-AX100. Sad to say both of these converters are no longer being produced.

    Last year I ordered a Ztar Z7S which leaves me with mixed impressions.
    1. Open strings tend to have a very long release time which generally muddies up the sound of other notes being triggered. So I turned them off.
    2. It can play single notes very accurately including h.o./p.o. trills and such. However, if I want to add in 3-4 notes chords, I have to turn off the hammering parameter, otherwise there are many false triggers resulting from finger lift off. I've spent too much time trying to find a balance and ended up with separate presets (Songs in Ztar speak) for each style of playing.
    3. Ztars are a string tappers dream. That's not my style of playing although I'm always impressed by it when well performed.
    4. At this point, the Ztar is an excellent but overpriced step input device which I'll use when experimenting with MIDI mockups of orchestral pieces.

    Being somewhat crazy, I recently ordered a Carvin SH-575 which should be finished by the beginning of August. I'll start a thread to compare it to the Godin later this fall.

    Other MIDI guitar controllers I've owned have included a Yamaha G10, and a GK-2/Roland GI-10 combo.

    Coming full circle to the thread topic, I started off reviewing the "Understanding Logic Pro's Environment, and Transformer tutorials. Very informative. My brain can only process one Environment tutorial a week at this point.

  11. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    You're most welcome. It's tremendously generous of you to offer such useful Environment tutorials, although I gotta say that my eyes glazed over when looking at Michael Brecker's Environment. :confused:

    I found my way to DP 4.5 after using Cubase VST 3 through 5. DP is very deep but also a bit mouse-click intensive. It still commands my respect but it only took about 3 months of getting to know Logic 8 when I realized that Logic provided the best MIDI feature set in addition to a very smooth work flow.

    Best regards,

  12. jisley

    jisley New Member

    Trust me, I understand! I had to go back and reprogram an entire series of widgets this past week because I found an error (a big one) in one of my channel strips. My brain still hurts! :brkwl:

    I've also been working non-stop on the site itself to make it seamless and user friendly. Looking forward to getting back to being creative.

    Glad you're finding the stuff useful. There's a LOT more to come!

    Stay tuned...


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