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New Free Virtual Instruments / Effects From IKM, WOK and Others

Discussion in 'Services offered' started by barbecutie, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. barbecutie

    barbecutie New Member

    Hi All:

    Thought I would post information regarding some new free vst's.

    IK Multimedia announced SampleTank Free:

    WOK released TenC and 100CC effect plugins to create deep ambient spaces and choirs:

    WOK also released a free Midi Arpeggiator called SimpArp:

    Sonimus (pylorca) released a free EQ called SonEQ (getting great reviews over at kvr):

    Prodyon released phenome (multitimbral soundfont player):

    Download and go make some music! :)

  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member

    Windows VST's

    Except for Sampletank Free- all of these seem to be Windows VST's... and not really compatible with Logic...
  4. pv_joker

    pv_joker Member

    Damn, i was getting my hopes up for a minute there...

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