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Logic 7 & earlier New installation of logic 5.5 - weird defaults

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by minicken, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. minicken

    minicken New Member


    I just freshly installed logic 5.5 on my computer(XP) but I'm having a few problems with it!

    The first most important one is simply that after I click the draw button to create a track in "audioinst" and double click to open it, it just shows me a musical score rather than the usual layout where you click the place you want to put music notes in the form of little blocks and arrange it like that. It does this by default.. I don't understand why because this same copy worked perfectly the last time it was installed!

    Secondly, when I first open up logic, I get a "DirectIO.dll or DirectIOLink.dll Not found (-10193)" error.

    I was pretty much new to the program and then due to difficulties haven't even been able to use it for I'm back to a complete beginner again.

    Appreciate your help, I'm desperate to finally start making my tunes - I've had week after week of problems...

  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I haven't used 5.5 for a while, but I think you'll find this in preferences, you will have a choice to edit in score or piano roll (matrix). I think that's what you mean.
  4. djstkora

    djstkora New Member

    This is actually the default for a new installation of Logic 5. The option to change this is found in "Options" > "Preferences" > "Global Preferences...", there are two lists at the bottom, the upper one has options relating to what opens when you double click a sequence.

    There is a file that contains all global preferences for Logic 5, that are setup in the "Options" > "Preferences" menu. The file is called "Logic 5.prf", and is stored in your Windows directory, which is usually "C:\WINDOWS". This file can be transfered between different installations and different computers, so that Logic can look, feel, and work the same way for you anytime. If you delete this file, Logic will create a new one.
  5. djstkora

    djstkora New Member

    Also, screenset 6, on fresh new installation, is setup to the Matrix editor window, which is what you want. So, an alternative is to select a sequence, and then press 6 on your numpad, and you will be able to edit whatever you selected. To go back to the Arrange window, press 1. Screensets are a wonderful feature of Logic.

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