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New interface or preamp suggestions?

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Taybot, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member

    I use Logic for making beats and I've been trying to decide between using Logic or Pro Tools for recording audio. Anyways I think I'm going to learn how to record on Logic. I might as well give it a try since I already have the program.

    I want to buy something to help my recording quality though. Right now I have Fast Track Audio Pro but I don't want to get a different interface since, if I decide to go with ProTools, I will just need to get a Digi interface anyways.

    Isn't a pre-amp really important for sound quality? Can someone recommend a good pre-amp in the $500 range?

    Or could someone recommend a good interface I can upgrade to that I could still use with ProTools LE, if I decide to switch to pro tools later on?

    Thanks a bunch for your help as always!
  3. ppaulsen

    ppaulsen New Member

    Go for Logic, with the comp and flex function it's really become an incredible DAW, can't see how Pro Tools can beat it, and the proper Pro Tools set up is expensive, while Logic is CHEAP. Regarding pre-amp I would suggest API 512, you might find it for 500 usd second hand, and it is as good as any pre-amp out there, of course in the pro league it becomes a matter of taste once you're in the high end league.

  4. horselesspaul

    horselesspaul New Member

    If you get a good preamp you're going to need something that does the A/D well to do it justice and therefore make sure the words M and Audio do not appear adjacent to each other anywhere on it. You absolutely should stick with Logic and spend any money you have on a new interface, for instance a second hand RME Fireface 400 whose preamps are superb at the price. The difference will be staggering. In my not so humble opinion, obviously.

    All the best,


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