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New Track with Same Channel bug?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by hammertom, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. hammertom

    hammertom New Member

    When I create a New Track with Same Channel it duplicates the track as it's supposed to.
    I can play and hear the midi that I perform.
    But when I play back what I recorded I don't hear anything.
    There's no audio output.
    But if I move the midi region up to the first original instance of the software track that I created I hear the midi play back just fine.
    So only the original track will playback what was recorded.
    Any track that was created as a New Track with the Same Channel will not playback.
    Also if I click on those notes in the notation window I hear them just fine on all tracks. And all tracks will let me play on input.
    Very strange. Checked into everything I could possibly think of.
    Anyone got any ideas?
  3. hammertom

    hammertom New Member

    So I just tried it again with another software instrument and it works fine. The one I'm having the problem with is Kontakt. Now I know where to look for the problem.
  4. hammertom

    hammertom New Member

    Ok. It wasn't Kontakt. When the tracks were created the Track on/off buttons were all off for some reason. I didn't have them showing in the arrange window so I had no idea.
    So anyway I just resolved my own issue.

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