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Logic 9 NEWB Question regarding using multiple windows

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by markfrancombe, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. markfrancombe

    markfrancombe New Member

    Hi, New member here, been using Logic 9 for quite a while on my MBP ,but still consider myself a nooB due to not really using it very often.
    I have just set up my computer with an extra screen, as Im working on a film project.
    So I thought I would launch a few windows and have them seperate on my new screen.
    I discovered that my best arrangement was to have a Piano Roll window and a Mixer Window on the external screen, and the Arrange Window on the Laptop screen.

    However, big problem for me is that every time I hit play (spacebar) I now have focus on the external PianoRoll window, and the screen just flashes. This is so annoying, afte evey single edit, I must wander back from one scen to another, click the main window before I can play?

    Is there a way around this? Why do window have to have seperate focus at all? I really cant see the point!!

    Sorry for this total newbie post, but Im afraid there gonna be lots more where that came from!!

  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

  4. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Something is not right here. It's not to do with window focus, because global key commands such as spacebar for play/pause should work whatever window is in or out of focus.

    Also whatever window's are in focus when you save your project or template, should still be in the same state when you open them.

    One more thing, are you aware of how to use screensets? You make various combinations of windows, and recall each one very easily using the numbers on your keyboard. If you don't use these, check them out.
  5. markfrancombe

    markfrancombe New Member

    Being a tad anal are we? I did say MBP and external monitor... what more you need?
    I very much doubt this has got anything to do with amount of ram hard disk space or what kind of strings I use on my Baritone guitar! Anyway I added a sig file for ya mate..hope it shows up now.

    @ Pete
    Thanks for the reply, glad to know that somethings not right, and that it SHOULD work as I want it to...... Ill dig about in the settings. (or maybe just a Re-start?)
    Yes I DO know about screensets, but I dont really have a use for them.. I like to keep an eye on 3 windows at once... the Arrange, for general positioning withing the film soundtrack.. the piano roll, (where Im working most of the time Ohhh I have question about recording into teh piano roll, but Ill start a new thread to be tidy) and I LOVE the mixr to be open, so opening things separately doesn't appeal.

    Of course now I have a new monitor, I immediately want another, It would be great to have screen space for my plug-in windows!!

    Anyway, if you have any clues as to the focus thing???

  6. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    That's why IO use screen sets, so many different combinations are very quickly available.
  7. markfrancombe

    markfrancombe New Member

    OK I have the solution here now.. Thanks Pete you gave me the hint...
    It turns out I had a slightly wrong keyboard mapping.
    I had SPACEBAR set to be someting like position play.. or something, which was dependant on the window.

    I had to make it respond to Play Stop in the GLOBAL section... now it stops whichever window has focus..
  8. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Being a member, I didn't make up the rules. But all members have to agree to the Terms of Use when they sign up. Most folks are considerate enough to do so given the help they receive here.
  9. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    As the person who put those rules in place, permit me to make a few comments:

    Most anyone who has been involved with computer support will know that the solution to a problem is inevitably dependent on getting the right information. Bearing this in mind, it is only fair to those who might be prepared to help that the questioner provides at least some basics about his or her system. These are listed in the rules, but are by no means exhaustive, may not always lead to a solution, but are a start, and it is never a bad thing to provide them. In doing so, the questioner also indicates that he/she has gone to some effort in trying to track down whatever the problem might be. That in itself can encourage someone able to help to reply and get involved.

    kind regards

  10. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I think it's always best to leave the default key commands as they are, and then adding custom ones rather than replacing default KCs.
  11. markfrancombe

    markfrancombe New Member

    DEFINITELY! I don't actually remember doing it actually. But I was trying to get the transport buttons on my Axiom Keyboard one time, so no doubt it was then..

    Thanks for all you help Pete, you gave me the clue I needed to suss this out.. OH and BTW, Awesome site you have, lots of good tips and tricks for the novice Logic user... And great to mix it with some music tips too.

    Im a long time composer, so I have my own tip there, but often people forget that music isn't just about learning some software.

    Thanks again!


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