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Logic 9 Newbie can't see wave file in track

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by musicbysterling, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. musicbysterling

    musicbysterling New Member

    I'm an absolute Logic 9 beginner. I have started going through the Apple Pro Training Series book Logic Pro 9 by David Nahmani. I have created a song using MIDI and audio loops and am now recording my first audio track. I'm playing an acoustic guitar sound from my Kronos onto an audio track I've created. I've armed the track and got a good signal level. When I record the track and play it back, I hear the audio just fine and there is a segment on the track that indicates it was recorded. However, all there is in this area is a horizontal line, with no visual audio file. When I double click on the track, an area below the Arrange window pops up and I see the wave file there. Am I also supposed to see the recorded wave in the Arrange window as well? Other tracks that have audio loops in them show wave files. What am I missing here?
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Yes, you would normally see the wave file in the audio region you've recorded. Not quite sure what's wrong. Can you hear the wave file play back in the Sample Editor?

    Logic has a waveform zoom slider in the bottom right of the arrange window (to the left of the horizontal zoom slider). If you've recorded a low signal this can help view it. Also, if signal is hot and slider is up, you may just see black. Long click on the waveform icon and a slider pops up.

    Other possibilities as well - get back if this helps or not. Perhaps provide a screenshot?

    (You should send me an e-mail - I run a Logic user group in Seattle - meetings are free and full of tips. I'll put you on the meeting announce list if you're interested.)

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