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Logic TDM Newbie needs help w/Logic8/HD2 set-up

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by sesshinmusic, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. sesshinmusic

    sesshinmusic New Member

    Hello Logic Brethren,
    I have recently joined forces with another engineer and opened a new studio. My partner has a dual 2.0 G5, 6 Gb Ram running Leopard with a Pro Tools 8.0cs3 HD2 system. Lynx Aurora16's for conversion, 32 in/out system. I have been using Logic 8 on my own G5 with a MOTU 2408 mk3 system for a long time with no problems.

    I have attempted to follow instructions to hook up Logic to the TDM system, but cannot get signal into/out of Logic for some reason. I have enabled the DAE preference in Logic and Logic sees inputs 1-32, but I cannot record-enable any tracks. I would be most grateful for some advice here: if there are other posts to this effect, I apologize in advance, as I tried searching this forum to no avail.

    A step-by-step on the best way to allow me to use Logic 8 as front end for a HD2 w/Aurora16's would be very much appreciated. Do I need ESB? Can I use TDM plug-ins within the Logic environment? Can I use Logic's soft synths or plug-ins within ProTools environment? Thanks so much for any advice!:)
  3. skydogsound

    skydogsound New Member

    I'm in the same boat

    Me and my partner went for it and purchased a tdm system and we installed pro tools 8 onto the macpro and it's fine. We installed logic and when we try to instigate dae we end up with nothing and there are little lines crossed through all the plug-ins and audio is disabled.

    There must be someone who can step by step us through this since the little user guide just says do these three things and it moves on.
  4. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    I have a tutorial on this in my book "Going Pro With Logic Pro 8."
  5. skydogsound

    skydogsound New Member

    pushing book

    This is a help forum. If you want to copy the excerpt of your book here feel free.
  6. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    Hi all..
    1 - Install Pro-tools
    2 - Install Logic and tick ESB/EXS24, in installation options
    3 - Open Logic
    4 - Enable DAE, disable Core Audio, Enable Direct TDM (if you want to use ESB/EXS24)
    5 - Close and Reopen Logic

    Now when you open Logic it should say "Loading DAE" or something like that, please check if it does it, if it loads dae succesfully....

    6 - Go to audio option again and set-up your DAE interfaces

    7 - Close and Reopen Logic

    8 - just open enviroinment create an audio track and assign "DAE" to the left parameters panel, it should work... let me know
  7. midnightsun

    midnightsun New Member

    DAE and Direct TDM

    I presently have Logic 8 working well with Digi Core Audio on my PTHD3 system with Aurora16 converters. I think that I would like to try the DAE and Direct TDM. I loaded Logic 8 on my computer way back when and don't remember anything about he "TIC ESB/EXS24" installation options. Whenever I try to set my preferences to launch Logic with DAE or Direct TDM I get an error message that they can't be found.

    I am not sure that I really understand how I go about using TDM hardware with LP8 nor do I completely understand the concept of Direct TDM. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get back into Logic Pro and have been with PTHD for a couple of years & want the best of both worlds.

    Thanks in advance for any help conceptualizing and solving this issue.
  8. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    well there is the manual for such things..
    by the way ESB/DirectTDM is exactly like core audio, the only difference is that instead of having output to your sound card it has outputs (8) that goes into the TDM mixer

    Enabling dae make you able to create tdm channels and use tdm plug-ins.

    1-if you have not installed logic correctly you can't use esb/directtdm, look in library/application support/digidesign/plug-ins/ if you have both esb.dpm and exs24.dpm else you have to reinstalll logic (or extract those files from installer manually)

    2-if you want to use just dae/tdm you have to turn off core audio, or change driver, if you use digi core audio you can't use dae, it will say hardware in use

    hope is clear
  9. midnightsun

    midnightsun New Member

    This evening I will try what you recommend in #1 above. BTW I have read the TDM/Logic Manual over and over again and there are still a few gaps in my understanding. "TDM MIXER" is this something that appears or is constructed within the Logic Pro 8 platform? If so How? Your patience is much appreciated as I am just not connecting the dots with this.
  10. midnightsun

    midnightsun New Member

    Tigerman: I presume from what you have said above that somehow the installation of Logic places plugin ESB and EX24 into the Digi plugins folder. Actually, I had Logic Pro 8 installed on the computer before I installed PT so that would explain why the plugins are not in the folder??? Does that make sense. I think that I am going to have to reinstall Logic Pro 8. Many thanks.
  11. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    you create tdm mxer in enviroinment like core audio mixer, after you have created a channel strip on the parameter windows to the left you will be able
    to choose if that channel will be a core audio or an esb or a tdm one
  12. midnightsun

    midnightsun New Member

    Many thanks for you help.

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