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No sound from solo'ed track

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by masque, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. masque

    masque New Member

    hey guys i just ran into a very frustrating problem tonight,……i have a Dangerous D box integrated into my rig. I'm running an Apollo interface with Logic X as my DAW.

    i'm working on a song and i have the various tracks setup going to stems via busses. and the busses are being routed to the D box via the corresponding line outputs.

    the issue is that when i go to solo a track I am working on there is no sound. it does not matter whether the D box is on sum or analog or DAW….nor does it matter if the solo button for the track is engaged or engaged with the stem solo as well….there is simply no sound or signal.

    there is sound IF i change the track output from a bus to "stereo outputs".

    i have done some research and apparently this was not a problem on logic 9….but i have not verified that. a few people have commented elsewhere that the routing in Logic X is different.

    I would be EXTREMELY grateful for any help on this matter.
  3. masque

    masque New Member

    for those interested i think i may have stumbled onto a solution. at least if you are planning using a summing device such as the D Box. instead of creating AUX sends for your stems you actually choose the corresponding outputs you want each stem to go to instead of AUX tracks. when you choose the output logic automatically creates a stereo output track just like it would when creating an AUX track……..essentially the new output tracks become your stems that you are using to send to your summing machine. when i did this I was able to solo individual tracks again like normal. there may still be a way to get it done via the AUX tracks but i couldn't figure it out…so this worked fro me. hope this helps anyone else that may have this problem.

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