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Logic Studio apps not loading Jam Pack sounds

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by clavier223, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. clavier223

    clavier223 New Member


    I have a HUGE random problem.

    MainStage 2.2.2 came preloaded with the complete Jam Packs ... so, I never had to install anything. Three months ago, everything was working perfectly fine. Now, all of a sudden, none of my Jam Packs (GarageBand Instrument Libraries) are not loading, even through they are all still there under Library > Application Support > GarageBand > Instrument Library. They even still work in GarageBand, but not MainStage ...

    In MainStage, whenever I load a previously saved "concert", everything actually seems fine, and all of the previuosly saved patches from that "concert" still play. But when I switch to a different sound from within the patch (let's say I'm going from String Ensemble Trill 01 down to String Ensemble Trill 02 from within the patch library browser), the Keyboard Layers disappears off the screen and nothing will play. Even when I switch back to the sound I just switched from, the sound won't go back on and the Keyboard Layers is still not on the screen,

    The same thing happens when I create a new patch and choose one of the Jam Pack sounds. For example, going to Instrument Channel Strips > 10 Orchestral > 01 Woodwinds ... none of the sounds play, and the Keyboard Layers doesn't even show up on the screen.

    The only sounds that seem to work is everything under 01 Pre-Mapped and 02 Software Instruments.

    Help please ...

  3. clavier223

    clavier223 New Member

    So, here's an update to the problem, and to highlight, I decided to start fresh to demonstrate.

    Okay, so, I created a new "concert" and only assigned one keyboard (Keyboard 1). The default sound was, of course, Suitcase Bright. When I select different sounds from 01 Pre-Mapped or 02 Software Instruments, everything seems normal. But, when I select different sounds from the 03 Electric Guitar, 04 Vocal, Audio Channel Strips, and Instrument Channel Strips patch libraries, the yellow Keyboard Layer disappears, and no sound plays like I described before.

    So, for example, I went to Instrument Channel Strips > 10 Orchestral > 01 Woodwinds > Bassoon Legato. The Keyboard Layer disappears and there's no sound. Here is where the problem is: Upon further inspection (based on your steps), I went to MIDI Input within the Channel Strip and I discovered that it's automatically creating a new keyboard input (Keyboard 2) which I never created and it just doesn't exist in real life. That's why the Keyboard Layers are disappearing and no sound is coming out; it's trying to automatically move it over to a keyboard that's just not there.

    Again, this only happens when selecting sounds from within the 03 Electric Guitar, 04 Vocal, Audio Channel Strips, and Instrument Channel Strips patch libraries. When I select a sound from 01 Pre-Mapped or 02 Software Instruments, the Keyboard Layers reappear and everything goes back to normal.

    So, I'm not sure how to fix this ...

  4. clavier223

    clavier223 New Member

    I just called Apple Support, and they totally helped me out. They are incredible, and they saved the day (and my job).

    When in doubt, delete your user preferences.


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