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Logic 8 Now no sound from click track

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by silverface, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. silverface

    silverface New Member

    Decided to start from scratch per the information received in my thread about an inaudible audio track.

    Got that solved by fixing the I/O on the right channel strip and being advised to just ignore the left ones.

    I was also advise to send tracks to a bus rather than the default "outputs 1&2" if only recording one of two tracks at a time.

    So now I have no problem hearing my audio track (sidebar - accidentally clicked the two circles at the bottom of the channel strip - the ones that supposedly swap from stereo to mono - and THAT also made my audio track audible. Which makes absolutely NO sense!!).

    Anyway - These are just experiments while I follow manuals trying to learn the thing, so I created a new project, a new audio track, sent it to bus 1 - all was good.

    Until I tried to create a click track (the first problem being apparently various resources use the term Click, Metronome, and "Klogenwhatzit". Can't find any basic "here's how to set up a 4-beat intro" or whatever.

    Did find instructions for dragging a click track to (I think) overwrite a newly created software track (doesn't actually say what kind of track to open or any other details, which ends up like this:

    [​IMG] goes to outputs "1&2" with no apparent way to change it; the meters show it's generating a "click"; but it's not audible (whether software monitoring is enabled or not) anywhere - computer, headphones, interface headphone jack - nowhere.

    A visible click is impractical - it SHOULD be audible - correct?


    Thanks -


    (PS there's nothing visible recorded as with no click track I quit after playing a couple of chords and deleted the take - but that part worked fine).
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    You don't need a "click track". The Logic click is a preconfigured instrument channelstrip with the number 256. No need to make an Arrange track for it. Just route the channelstrip directly to your Out 1-2 which is the default.

    This is called "count-in" in Logic and can be set in the recording settings. Available either through a long click on the record button or via the main menu:
    File —> Project settings —> Recording

    Similar for the click settings. Either do a long click on the metronome button or use the menu:
    File —> Project Settings —> Metronome

  4. silverface

    silverface New Member

    Got it, thanks! I guess one of the biggest problems I'm having are inconsistencies in naming conventions between the Logic manual, the Cousins/Heworth-Sawyer book I was given (and told it was far better than the manual, something I'm finding true only about half the time), a recommended video series ("Logic Studio Training"), the software itself and small tape studio slang (e.g. "count-in" is not something I would look for when trying to find a "click track") - "click track is mentioned in the manual only as "something useful for the drummer" and count-in doesn't show up until page 942! (neither are in the book's index).

    Note - I'm not whining about this stuff - I'm posting so that future "searchers" may stumble onto this thread and find very basic studio info that's hidden in materials written (apparently) by "software engineers".

    Peter, I've created a text file for reference of your tips so I don't lose 'em!

    PS - noted a "glitch" that may be affecting some of these things (but certainly affects my ability to record and then playback through my studio monitors) - my MobilePre is suddenly only appearing in the Mac's (and Logic's) list of available I/O devices intermittently. I thought it might be a problem with the hub (which was never an issue when creating digital copies of tapes via Audacity and the couple of times I managed it in Garageband) - but even plugged in direct it seems to only randomly show up. My only alternative with phantom power, an Alesis Multimix 4, shows as a generic USB device and just doesn't seem as sonically "neutral"

    So it seems I also need to start hunting for a newer used interface (being on disability, my "budget" for new hardware is zero - if anyone can recommend the cheapest decent interface - minimum 2 channels; 4 would be better - and phantom power is a must...please let me know). The sheer number of I/O-preamp units on the market is mind-numbing, and reviews seem to be useless in their inconsistency! I don't want to end up with a "white elephant" but can't afford the newest, greatest either.

    Thanks again Peter - you were the only one kind enough to answer my "rank beginner" questions and I truly appreciate the time it takes to do so.
  5. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    If you can get a used Presonus or Focusrite interface, be it USB or Firewire (if your Mac has Firewire) – those have pretty good mic preamps even in the cheaper price range.

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