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Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by derek austin, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. derek austin

    derek austin New Member

    At one time, (Logic 6?) there was a great horn section in the EXS ..

    here's a link to a track I used it on.


    It had a velocity switch to trigger the 'fall'. Current horn sec is NOT the same.

    Can anyone tell me where I can get hold of this gem?

    There have been a few classic patches that have been dropped during 'updates'..

    Would be eternally grateful.:):)

  3. Per Boysen

    Per Boysen Senior member

    Hi Derek,

    I remember that patch - but I had it in my EMU Proteus 1. Very useful, indeed! Later on picked up the EXS banks of the EMU Vintage Keys unit, but unfortunately that "Trmpt Falls" patch wasn't part of that (just checked my LaCie drive with old sample banks and I'm afraid I don't have it handy. My Proteus 1 is still working, but store away by someone in a different city than I live in now)
  4. derek austin

    derek austin New Member

    Hi Per,

    give my love to Sweden. I have family in Stockholm and Hjo..

    Yes, I used to have a proteus 1, and 2, back in the hardware days, and I think that patch was on there as well as the EXS. Just dug out an old Logic 7 song file that used this 'horn section' in the EXS, but the Logic 8 update seems to have erased it.. AAArrrggghhh!


  5. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    I think I have the patch you're referring to:
    /Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments/07 Pop Horns/
    Funk Horn Section.exs

    In Logic it shows up as:
    Factory/07 Pop Horns/Funk Horn Section

    Attached Files:

  6. pancho02

    pancho02 New Member

    I'm in Logic Pro 9 and don't have the 07 Pop Horns patch that Colin's thumbnail shows, weird.

    Attached Files:

  7. derek austin

    derek austin New Member

    Thanks Colin, I know this one, but it's not the same. For some reason, when there have been Logic updates, they appear to have changed, or in some cases dropped altogether, certain factory patches in the EXS:mad:

  8. pjl

    pjl Member

    When you installed Logic 8/9 did you check the box to install Logic 7 legacy content?
  9. Frank Stratton

    Frank Stratton New Member

    I have found that all earlier Logic instruments and the samples for them can be used in Logic 8.
    -To make this work I do this:
    Copy the entire Sample Library to a Folder (you can name the Folder Sample Set 1) and make sure that folder is on your hard disk.
    -Make a folder for the Sampler Instruments on the older Logic 6 and put all these Instruments in that folder (Call this folder a name to Identify it)
    -put this INSTRUMENTS FOLDER in the newer Logic's Instruments folder found in
    Library, application Support, Logic, Sampler Instruments
    -this will allow Logic to find the instruments so you can select them
    ---the samples will be found by Logic, but will take longer on first use, because of the searching.

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