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Ordering Auxes in Mixer

Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by Roger Jackson, May 25, 2010.

  1. Roger Jackson

    Roger Jackson Member

    While Aux channels are good, flexible objects, which can be sub groups, effects returns, (or "busses" from previous versions of Logic), they appear in your mixer in the order that they are created, and so may not reflect the signal path, or a sensible mixer layout. It would e great to e able to order them as you can in the lesser-featured environment mixer, by dragging.

    I know that you can order them in the arrange page, and that the mixer will follow that order, but you don't usually need to have aux channels on the arrange page, and once you have done that, they are duplicated in the mixer.

    I love most of the automation of the mixer creation and use, but this bit could be better.

    Roger Jackson
    FIlm Music
  3. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Excellent suggestion...The only options currently are to either put Aux tracks in the Arrange page (my approach), as you mentioned, or to use the Environment Mixer instead, which is much more labor-intensive but allows full customization.

  4. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    And what is really annoying is that even if you manually move them in the track list, what you see in the Mixer's Arrange view does not necessarily mirror it.

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