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OS X and logic version help please

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by tuftyone, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. tuftyone

    tuftyone New Member

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand G5 with intention of running some of adobe Creative Suite. I'd also like to use Logic Audio but I'm unsure what version will work and would be best. My OS X is version 10.5.8.

    Should I, or can I upgrade my OS?

    Can anyone please help?

  3. Rounik

    Rounik Member

    A G5 cannot run a version of OSX above version 10.5.x.

    Logic 8.0.2 will run fine. Logic 9.0.2 (although not officially supported) appears to run fine on G5's. Logic 9.1.x requires a newer intel based Mac (will not run on a G5).
  4. tuftyone

    tuftyone New Member

    thank you, that's exactly the information I needed
  5. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    If you would like to run Logic 9 on a G5, if will make a difference which version you try to install. If you purchase the upgrade, you most likely will need the part number ending in "A". There is a post on the forum by someone who was unsuccessful trying to install the revision ending in "B". Most of the applications within 9.0 will install, but not those related to working with Final Cut Pro...they will be greyed out. You will be able to upgrade up to 9.02, but that's it, no more updates beyond that.

    Logic 8 will work with either Tiger or Leopard, and runs fine on a G5. Logic 9 added the "Flex" editing feature, which lets you stretch audio.

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