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OSX 10.10.3 Yosemite blacks out Logic 9

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by David V., Jun 24, 2015.

  1. David V.

    David V. New Member

    I just upgraded from OSX 10.6 to Yosemite and now the play cursor in the Arrange Window of my Logic 9 leaves behind a black screen as it progresses. Does anybody know what the problem is here and how to correct?
    Thanks David V
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

  4. BjornM

    BjornM New Member

    Please do share details. I finally need to consider upgrading my iMac from OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) to Yosemite and was thinking of checking with this group about anything I need to worry regarding Logic (in my case Logic Express 9.1.8. I realize it may need an upgrade as well. (-:

    (I will likely hold off for a month or two while I finish a particular project, but come Fall, I feel I ought to upgrade, but will definitely post back here for questions and for results).
  5. Jeffro

    Jeffro New Member

    Has anyone fixed issues with logic 9 in yosemite.
    It seems that Apple is pushing new os versions very quickly, making older hardware outdated more quickly. Not to turn this into ragging on Apple, but I have a dedicated older snow leopard machine for DAW that I never use for internet for security reasons. I am done keeping up with Apple changes for music production
    My older coreduo imac still performs wonderfully for 32 bit DAW running logic 8. I also still run logic express on a first gen macbook for onsight recording. Logic express is fantastic as well, never glitches. But I have run into issues importing logic express projects into logic X.
    I am also concerned about upgrading past mavericks to yosemite and then El Capitan a mid 2011 quad core imac, seems like the os has become bloatware.
    I have logic X running o.k. on mavericks, but I honestly prefer logic 8 because thats what I have used for many years.
  6. BenB

    BenB New Member

    This is not an Apple issue, but a universal technology issue. Newer computers of any make/model will become more powerful, faster. OS's will become more advanced and easier. OS X 10.10 and 10.11 are vast improvements, not bloatware. Learn them, they're great. LPX is so far beyond legacy Logic Pro it ain't funny. You couldn't pay me enough to go back to a previous Logic version. So, you either buy new hardware ever few years (average corporate IT life cycle is 6 years), upgrade apps, take the few minutes to learn something new. Or keep your old Macs, stay on old versions of the OS and apps, and don't bother learning anything new.
  7. Jeffro

    Jeffro New Member

    I was just addressing the original post from a user that is frustrated after upgrading his OS and his long reliable software no longer works. You don't buy a new car just because it has bluetooth why should you buy a new 2000.00 computer just because it has fuzzy feel good features that are useless?
    Sounds like your defending Apples ever shortening hardware life cycle. My iMac is four years old. It does run logic X no problem.
    AS for OSX 10.10 having vast improvements, that is debatable. Piling on more and more features and visual effects is not necessarily an improvement from a performance POV. Some newer Apple hardware is actually using slower CPUs to improve battery life and decrease power use.
    I disagree about the bloatware. I am a programmer, and when the operating system starts to take up more and more resources, for things that I do not need like social media and cloud syncing etc. That is why I have a dedicated computer to run logic 8 and 9.

    AS for logic pro X being so far beyond "legacy" versions, many of the changes are cosmetic. In basic functions, it is much the same. Logic 8 and 9 can do everything most people need. You seemed to take offense my comment about Apple OS becoming bloated (which it has). AS for "taking a few minutes to learn something". You don't know me and I do know Logic X.This forum is good because the members treat each other with respect and are helpful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but check your attitude at the door. No need to be insulting.
  8. BenB

    BenB New Member

    Apple has no "ever shortening" shelf life. That hasn't changed in ages. But, believe the hype you generate yourself. Your statements are unfounded. Are you aware that LPX runs on AVFoundaation framework, which vastly improves performance and functionality and ease of use? No, you have no clue what that is. Never mind....

    I work off of fact, not opinion. Get your facts straight.
  9. Jeffro

    Jeffro New Member

    Obviously I have ruffled your feathers. I apologize. Not need to be thin skinned. It is not worth insulting people. Stating I have no clue is insulting. Get a life.
  10. BenB

    BenB New Member

    Just simply stating facts, no thin skin emotional BS involved. Facts are facts, no insult unless someone else intended to be hurtful to start with. Again, facts show who knows...

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