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OSX.6.1 Released...

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by charlie, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Don't know if anyone mentioned it but the first update to Snow Leopard is out...
    I'm living dangerously lately so I just installed it.
    Will be firing up L9 today... I'll be watching for anything wacky.
    ha ha:rolleyes:
  3. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Well, I found one strange duplicatable bug when in Ultrabeat...
    I found that tweaking an UB drum sound (any parameter) when Logic is "not" playing and then hitting "play" causes Logic 9 to crash.
    No "Save As xxxx.(crashed)" message, just the error log/send to Apple dialog pops up.
    This happened to me a few times today since upgrading the OS.

    This might be an isolated bug in my system OR is a Logic 9.0 / OSX.6.1 issue.

    I'd love to hear if anyone can duplicate this... Just remember to SAVE before tweaking sounds in Ultrabeat!!

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