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Logic 9 Panning in Logic

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by dejanilly, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. dejanilly

    dejanilly New Member


    I think this topic might be already discussed but anyway........

    I have a question about panning in Logic. I'm a little bit confused how it works.
    If i pan lets say guitar part (mono) hard left or right the sound on opposite channel doesn't disappear. I can still hear it. Isn't the meaning of hard left or right panning to completely separate sounds on channels ? Before in Cubase i could do that.
    I also checked the demo songs in Logic and they have the same "problem" like i do :eeek:
    I think it's harder to mix songs in that way when i can't separate tracks more clearly than that.:confused:
    Is that normal so or am i missing something out here ? I know everything about -3db pan law an so on.....


    Best regards

  3. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams Member


    I haven't had this experience. One question. Are you perhaps using library channel strip settings that may be inserting delay or reverb effects that are stereo, and therefore might have an opposite channel sound persisting when you pan? If so, or if you're not sure, you might disable any plugins on that channel then try panning hard. Also, you don't have that channel bussed to any aux track or anything like that?


    What audio interface are you using?
  4. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    My very first idea: This is not possible ...
    You may have a send to another channel, maybe later, after the guitar channelstrip. Or some other routing that feeds both output channels.

    Please do a simple test:
    Make a new instrument channelstrip.
    Set its output to your main output.
    Insert the Test Oscillator as an instrument.
    Pan left/right.
  5. dejanilly

    dejanilly New Member

    Hi guys

    Thanks for your tips......
    Actually Ken made me thinkin about my audio interface. i'm using rme hdsp9632 interface. So i tryed different panning settings in the internal mixer of hdsp9632 and then when i've hard panned the output channels everythin works like it should. So i think problem is solved. :)
    Funny thing ist that with Cubase i didn't had to do that. I had pan of output channels always in the centre position:eeek: i have never really care or try to pan different in internal mixer of the card.

    Thanks :hippy:


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