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Logic 9 Patch computer thru effects pedal

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by teracomp, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. teracomp

    teracomp New Member

    Is it possible to patch Logic thru an effects pedal? I have a dry guitar part that would benefit from a particular effects pedal. If not, sure would be a cool feature for the DAW world.
  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member


    Yes! You can route signal into and out of Logic really easily-

    what audio interface do you have?
  4. teracomp

    teracomp New Member

    chorus pedal

    That would be amazing! I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 (firewire).

    Currently, I'm using Logic Express, but I'm tempted to upgrade to the Pro version. It's all pretty new to me. I switched from Windows to Mac in November, so I'm relearning everything!
  5. teracomp

    teracomp New Member

    So...can i do this with Logic Express??
  6. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    It might be a bit more complicated with Express. I'm not sure if Express has the I/O plug-in; with that plug-in you can plug an external effect right into the track you want to process. So if Express has the I/O plug-in, that's how easy it is.

    If it doesn't, you can still send the signal out to an AUX track, and back in again that way, it just requires a more complicated routing.

    Also—with Guitar pedals, depending on the pedal, you might need to use a DI box if the guitar pedal expects to see the 1 MegaOhm impedance of an electric guitar at it's input. Generally, you'll have to do that with overdrive and boost pedals.

  7. teracomp

    teracomp New Member

    I'll give that a shot and post-back an update on progress. Thanks!
  8. teracomp

    teracomp New Member

    I do have an I/O insert, but I must not be setting it up correctly to work with my FocusRite Saffire Pro 14 or something. In my mind, I'd I/O to the channel strip, route the signal out channel 3 of the Saffire to the effects pedal, out of the pedal back into channel 1 of the saffire, thus completing the loop. That didn't work on the channel strip.

    Next I tried adding a bus and using I/O on that bus, same as channel strip.

    I added an Aux channel, but that didn't help either.

    I'm just too new to Logic. Any thoughts?
  9. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Must work, your setup is ok. You need a cable from the Saffire output 3 to your pedal, from the pedal to Saffire input 1, exactly as you described.

    In the I/O plugin the upper port (output) is number 3, the lower port (input) is number 1. Maybe you have those in reverse order? And check if one of the levels is fully down.

    I believe the Saffire has a built in mixer, maybe the signal flow is blocked there. You can check the connection also without the pedal, just connect output 3 with input 1 by a single cable.

    Also try to switch input 1 from line to instrument and back and adjust the input gain. Check what sounds better. Do all tests without other plugins in the channelstrip, concentrate on clean sound and healthy levels until you got everything right.

    You got the right cables? Your pedal has most likely TS plugs ("mono" plugs"). For a start use mono cables, the Saffire should be able to handle them.
  10. teracomp

    teracomp New Member

    I really appreciate the advice. It seems like the Logic end is working, but I have a Saffire issue since it doesn't appear to be sending out 3 and back into 1.

    I recorded a clean track and a chorus pedal track, then tried to i/o the chorus on the clean track. This confirmed my cords worked and Logic was receiving signal from the saffire.

    After recording, I added the i/o plugin to the channel strip. I was excited for a moment because I got sound from one of the saffire settings, but it was not involved in the effects loop.

    Thanks again for your advice. I hope to get this figured out cuz there are lots of people who like their effects and I'd like to record them dry and add effects as the mix warrants.
  11. teracomp

    teracomp New Member

    I finally got my setup back together and it works perfectly! Thanks for your advice and support!!

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