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Logic 8 Patch Names and LOGIC 8

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by torridproductions, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. torridproductions

    torridproductions New Member

    STATS: OSX Leopard, Midiman 4x4 MAC, JV1080 * JV2080 with expansion cards.

    ISSUES: I have manually put in patch names for modules in the Environment window then saved it as a template. I am able to surf the sounds and call up sounds, however, when I save a project, restart it, then open the file, the corresponding sounds are not matching unless I reclick the names.

    QUESTION: How do I lock the patch sounds to their corresponding names when saving a project?

    Please help if you can.
  3. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    In the world of Logic, "Program" means "Patch".

    There is a keycommand you can assign called "Send Used Instrument MIDI Settings". This will also send Volume and Pan (as well as Program) if you have a checkmark beside those settings for any particular MIDI instrument.

    Furthermore, in File menu > Project Settings >MIDI > General there is an option to Send After Loading Project "Used Instrument MIDI Settings" and/or "All Fader Values"
  4. torridproductions

    torridproductions New Member

    Thank you for your response Zerobeat. I will give it the ol college try. Will this also cure the problems I was having of saving the patch settings after closing the project? I've been having to reload the sounds everytime I re open a project.
  5. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    Since "Program" means "Patch" in the world of Logic, and the aforementioned command "Send Used Instrument MIDI Settings" will send Volume, Pan and/or Program (depending which has a checkmark), this therefore means that it sends what you're calling "Patch" data.

    Both the JV1080 and JV2080 have multiple banks, even without expansion cards, so you need to make sure you're sending the correct bank select protocol. Furthermore, Logic only supports 16 banks of names (including bank 0), so if you have more than 4 expansion cards in your 2080 then it'll have to spill over to a second Multi-Instrument.

    I made a JV1080 and JV2080 environment in the mid 90's that takes care of all that (and then some). I haven't used hardware synths in years so I'll have to dig that out of an old song somewhere. It's available at, but these are encoded for Logic 4 and therefore can't be opened in Logic 8 or 9. They have to be opened in Logic 7.2.1 and resaved in order to be Logic 8/9 compatible.
  6. KineticTalk

    KineticTalk New Member

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