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Logic 8 Phatmatik pro multi channel out ?

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by dejanilly, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. dejanilly

    dejanilly New Member


    I have problem with Phatmatik pro. I want to use it as a multi channel intruments so that i can use Phatmatik's pro audio outputs (it has 4 outputs) for each slice separately (eg. kicks together, snares together).

    I already tried with creation of multi channel instruments but it doesn't show all the Phatmatik's outputs. Logic shows only main outputs so no routing through AUX channels is possible. :(

    I also tried with creation of routing through environment "cables" but logic only route the channel to MIDI_out channel where you can't use plugins on each channel :(

    Hopefully someone know the answer to that.

    ,.....cheers to all :D
  3. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    The audio unit itself does provide a multi-out plugin, so you cannot do it.
  4. dejanilly

    dejanilly New Member

    You mean id does not provide the multi-out or ? :) I don't know why they implemented out channels in Phatmatik if they don't work :(
    I have figure this out also in the mean time. Thanks for reply anyway.

    Since i'm new to Logic i can't believe that this multi-out (instruments) channeling (routing) is so complicated in Logic :( :brkwl: It took me back to the old Cubase days where you had to do everything with 100 steps to get something to work (like sidechaining). It's really funny cos i heard so many good things about Logic and userfriendlines of the application. So i guess this is (i mean the whole Logic) again one of the many "good" strategies on the market of Apple.

    Best regards to all

  5. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    I made a critical error in my previous post.
    I meant to say that the PhatmatikPro plugin does not provide a multi-out version. Only a stereo instance is provided. Therefore, you cannot use the 'multi out' instrument that you would hope to be able to use.
    I'd be interested to hear about your solution.

  6. dejanilly

    dejanilly New Member

    Sollution is that i'm using Kontakt 3 for the slicing now. Although it's really NOT user friendly in my oppinion. It takes so much time to slice and route one sample; and it's buggy too :(
    I've made out channels through environment creation of multi-instruments and then i route the audio out channels of Kontak 3 (eg. each Slice) through AUX channels in Logic. I think everyone is doing it the same way.
    That's it actually. But like i said i'm a little dissapointed with Logic :( This things are implemented already in older versions of Cubase so i can't understand what's wrong with developers to make our lives so hard; i would be ashamed :(

  7. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    Ah yes, that's what I've been doing from time to time also.
    However, it's not Logic that's to blame in this case. Unfortunately, the Audio Unit of Phatmatik Pro hasn't been updated to support multiple outs. It all seemed to get diluted once Izotope, who don't get me wrong, make great products, haven't done anything with Phat since acquiring it.
  8. dejanilly

    dejanilly New Member

    Yeah it's really lame from Izotope to put such a product on the market.

    You know maybe some other tool for slicing for Logic ? I'm loosing nerves with Kontakt :)
    EXS24 is also a little bit outdated. I don't like GURU. Intakt of NI is great but it's only for PC.


    Best regards
  9. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    I personally think that Logic itself and the flex time, apple loop utility combination provides for most functions. Beyond that, then you go to Kontakt. Even the UVI Workstation, which is free, gives many creative options.
  10. dejanilly

    dejanilly New Member

    i'll give UVI a try again. I tested it once on the PC....
    How are you managing the multiple outputs in Logic then ? I mean to have kicks, snares,....of the one loop on the different channels each.
    Flex time is great indeed.

  11. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    If on the rare occasion I need to separate the parts of a single loop, I will physically edit the loop to separate tracks. I don't tend to use loops that often these days. Instead I prefer to program parts and use loops to embellish parts etc.

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