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Logic 8 Piano Roll

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by deanglover, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    In Piano Roll...

    i want to acheive - 6 notes, within the space of 2 beats - so kind of like a fast triplet

    i thought with 6 years of using sequencing and pattern editing on FL studio under my belt i'd be able to get my head around it eventually in logic, obviously not

    well the Smart snap won't do it, neither will any other snap value - because the grids don't change

    so i decided to input 6 notes in one bar - then select all six notes, and squash them into one space

    cmd and drag doesn't do it, neither does alt and drag and neither does shift... or any combo - instead shift does some pretty useless one by one size decreasing fucntion on all the selected notes.

    im really tearing my hair out here - in FL all i did, was change the snap value to the correct miniscule value or just held shift and squashed them all into the right area

    and is there any particular reason why Logic, Cubase or even Pro Tools employ a pretty simple feature, which FL has - which is - you change the snap value, and the grid changes with it?

  3. Richard789

    Richard789 New Member


    I used to be confused by this.

    The "type" of snap is in the drop-down box in the top-left.

    But you want the "Division" value.
    Look near the centre of the Transport Bar - just to the right of the tempo.
    You'll probably see

    The lower of the two is the snap division - click on it and drag up or down to change it. I think you want /12.

    Hope this helps.

  4. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    right on... you're a gent ;)
    i was going insane back there

    still a good question about the grid and snap values being linked together etc
  5. Richard789

    Richard789 New Member

  6. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    spot on, cheers ;)

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