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Logic 9 playback problem with apple apps (Logic and Garageband)

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Cosmik de Bris, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Cosmik de Bris

    Cosmik de Bris New Member

    I have an iMac running Lion, with an M-Audio NRV10 attached by firewire. All the latest patches for everything. iTunes and all other apps playback through this system fine. Both Logic 9 and Garageband have some clicky type distortion on playback. It sounds like clipping but doesn't show anywhere. Audacity records and plays back fine also.

    Both Logic and GB have this problem with demos supplied with them. If either Logic or GB are loaded then iTunes exhibits the same problem, but is fine if loaded alone.

    It helps to reduce the buffer size in Logic. It's driving me crazy. Any ideas?
  3. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    Do you have a hard drive dedicated to your audio projects?

  4. Cosmik de Bris

    Cosmik de Bris New Member

    No I am not using an external drive, but this is an extremely simple test. One track, no effects, real or software instrument, mp3, anything. Other programs handle it fine, and I have much more powerful hardware than I used to have and that worked OK. Prejudice makes me suspect the M-Audio driver but most other software doesn't seem to have a problem.

    It occurs to me that I could try playback through my GT10 to test the driver/hardware combination. I'll be back!
  5. Cosmik de Bris

    Cosmik de Bris New Member

    GT10 as input/output work fine. Bizarre thing is if I now switch back to the NRV10 it plays back OK but puts clicky stuff on record. Seems like it is some interaction with the M-Audio driver. I wonder if they're interested in having a look at it :)

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