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Logic 9 Plugin order changes automation

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by pfloyd714714, May 25, 2013.

  1. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

    Let's say I've drawn automation for the Channel EQ. Now I decide to change the order of the plugins and I swap the positions of the Channel EQ and Space Designer. The automation I wrote for the Channel EQ is replaced by (seemingly) random automation for a (seemingly) random parameter in Space Designer. Is there a way to tell Logic that although I am changing the order of the plugins, I would very much like to keep the automation connected to the plugin parameters I have already written?

    Thanks for any insight,

  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    The Track Automation (T.A) records so called "Fader" messages during automation.
    The insert slots use internal midi channel order (top to bottom) for the "Fader" data automation - this is the problem in your case. To fix the (T.A) midi channels regarding your new insert order try next:
    1. Use a key command to open the "Automation Event List". Have a look at the "Cha" column. If the EQ was in the 1st slot its midi channel data must use (ch2 with Audio Track or ch3 with Audio Instrument).
    2. Select any EQ message in the list. Use a kecommand or Edit menu - "Select similar" to select all EQ messages and change their channel in the "Cha" column to ch3 if you use Audio Track or ch4 if use Audio Instrument).
    3. Do the same procedure with the SD message to swap its channel from 3 to 2 for A.T or 4 >3 for A.I etc.

    I think there was some more elegant method, but I'm away of my Logic and can not remember right now... Anyway the method above must work cause it is based on the channel strip internal midi channels law.
  4. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    I'm on my Logic now and can try it out. What I see is that Logic v8 & 9 converts the Track Automation midi channel automatically if you move a given plugin from one slot to another. In the former versions it was not possible but L8/9 just does it correctly. I wonder why you have such issue...
    By the way how did you create your T.A - via Latch, Touch, draw it manually etc ?
  5. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

    Thanks for both replies, Tangra. The automation I am working with has been drawn in. Yesterday I created a new (empty) project with a single track, added a compressor and an eq, drew some automation, switched the plugins' position and, once again, the automation was replaced by a straight line for the new plugin.

    One wrinkle I found was this. After moving the order of the plugins, if I go to the name of the new, "nonsense" automation parameter in the Arrange and click-hold so as to choose a different parameter, the original parameter (the one I want) is named in bold print at the bottom of the list. If I choose that my original automation is restored. So I can manage this, but if I have multiple lanes of automation it is a substantial pain..

    I wonder if there's a preference that governs this behavior?

  6. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

    Hello everyone

    Although Tangra has suggested that automation data should move in the Arrange to mimic any changes in plugin order in the channel strip, I cannot convince Logic to do this for me. It doesn't work when I start with one of my templates, and it doesn't work when I start with one of Logic's templates.

    One last call for help! I'm even wondering if there's a preference that might govern this behavior? Could there possibly be a box that I have/haven't checked?

  7. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    I can confirm Tangra's post - the automation does move when the plugins change slots. However, there is no simple pref or checkbox that updates the display to be correct in the Arrange window. You have to do it manually, but as you noted, all used parameters are in bold in the drop-down list.

    I'd suggest you ask Apple to improve this behaviour when they release a long-awaited new version of Logic:

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