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Post here to indicate active interest in the LUG

Discussion in 'Discuss The LUG Site' started by dnessett, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. dnessett

    dnessett New Member

    I just received an email asking whether nor not I am still interested in the LUG. The email asked me to post a message, if so. The implication is my account will be deleted if I don't respond. I am posting this email for 2 reasons. The first is to fulfill the requirement to post in order to retain my account.

    The second is to suggest there should be some simple way of indicating I wish to retain my account. I don't post frequently to LUG because I haven't been using Logic Pro X as much as I have in the past. However, that doesn't mean I want my account deleted. If I didn't respond and my account was deleted, then when I have a question to ask, I would have to reregister. I don't know if I could use the same name and password, but my guess is I could not. If I could, it leaves open the possibility that someone else could create an account with my id.

    Either of these possibilities has problems. If my account is deleted, in order to post a question I would have to choose a different user id and pw. The posts I have made previously then would not be "connected" to those I make in the future. If the site allows reregistering using an old id, then that would allow someone else to hijack my identity.

    I understand the desire on the part of system admins to clean up "orphaned" accounts. Why not have a thread that they can use to indicate their interest in retaining their account? For example, the email can ask them to post a brief message to this thread (e.g., a message that just says "bump" or something equally short). That will provide sys admins with the feedback they need to identify dead accounts and at the same time not require users to make up an artificial post in order to retain their accounts.
  3. Caryberger

    Caryberger New Member

    Post to indicate active interest in the LUG
  4. Goldigit

    Goldigit New Member

    Thanks for the email warning to remove me from the LUG. Please don't - here is my post.
  5. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member


    I think that's a great point. A quick bump to this thread or the test thread another posted started will be enough to indicate interest.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  6. cbogard

    cbogard New Member

  7. Artybrut

    Artybrut New Member

    Hello Orren and dnessett. Here is my quick bump. Thank you both.
  8. fbuerger2000

    fbuerger2000 New Member

  9. djthirsty

    djthirsty New Member

    Just posting for no reason other than admin told me to or they'd cancel my reg.

    I have some tips for making music 'in the box' at
  10. Karajaal

    Karajaal New Member

    Hi, I often just read posts but have not posted anything. Please keep me as a member.


  11. Mahlkav

    Mahlkav New Member

    Bump... :)
  12. dokdee

    dokdee New Member

    Yeah, a big me too! I would like to keep my account. Thanks ...Surgery Steve
  13. Ebko

    Ebko New Member

    Still reading but rarely posting.
  14. bluzgtr

    bluzgtr New Member

    On 6/27/15 4:01 PM, Logic Users Group wrote:

    We're just emailing you because you haven't posted on the LUG in over a year. Are you still interested in the group? If you are, please post! If you're not, don't worry, you don't have to do anything, we'll be cleaning up our membership roll next month and you'll be removed.

    — The LUG Admin team

    Hmmm. That leaves me in something of a quandary. I wouldn't presume to try to answer anyone's question, because I'm way too Logic-dumb. The Logic problems I've had in the past year haven't required posting, because they've already been answered. I hate to post "How's the weather where you are." Yet I'd like to remain a member. What do you suggest?

  15. bebri

    bebri New Member

    Hi! I too received the same email and this was my response:

    "My wife and I've been traveling extensively throughout the UK and just returned this month, hence the lack of usage for some time. Please continue to include me within the LUG framework as I'm getting back to habitual pleasurable routines including use of Logic and this fine support system".
  16. GdT

    GdT New Member

    Please keep me too!
  17. atlanticpope

    atlanticpope New Member

    Please keep me as a member.
  18. maladroit

    maladroit New Member

    And here's my "bump", if that's what it's called. I'm a senior and very unfamiliar with Logic despite many years of using a Mac. All of my recording efforts back in the mists of time were done via magnetic tape, so I reckon I oughta smarten up before I fall off my perch.
    Many thanks to the administrators for the notification.
  19. crawlingwind

    crawlingwind New Member

    I got the same email. I'm just getting back to Logic - my laptop went down, and I've been using iPad for the last few months. I'm on Logic 9 - on the fence about LPX since the synths did not get updated.
  20. jbat

    jbat New Member

    I'd like to stay a part of this too...has anyone used Spitfire's new Symphonic Strings with Logic yet? I'm thinking of getting this but I believe I need Kontakt 5 - is that player free to download? I tried downloading a trial so that I could hear the demos but I couldn't get it to play....any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks
  21. hwkoch

    hwkoch New Member

    ...there will probably be quite a few posts like mine, to retain membership.
    yes, i am still interested, please keep me subscribed!

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