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Logic 9 Problem delayed tracks / Sync?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Jarguzzi, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Jarguzzi

    Jarguzzi New Member

    Hi there,

    for a recording session I need 24 input-Tracks.

    My configuration:
    iMac 2,4 GHz / 4GB RAM
    OSX 10.6.6
    Logic 9.1.3
    Focusrite LiquidMix32

    MOTU 828 mkII
    M-Audio Fast Track Ultra

    I created a new audio-device called EPTotal in the audio-utility. The first device from EPTotal is the 828, the second one is the Fast Track Ultra. OSX makes the checkbox "Resample" = TRUE. In Logic I choose "EPTotal" in the audio-konfiguration.

    8 Track from DI Mackie Desk to 828 Analog IN
    8 Track from DI Mackie Desk to M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
    8 Track from Yamaha 01V to 828 ADAT IN (optical) --> 828 is master / 01V is slave no wordclock/sync problem.

    In Logic there are on all 24 Autio Tracks a signal. So far so good. On all channels of the Fast Track there are a larger latency. After recording, all tracks from the Fast Track are delayed about a half beat. But it various from take to take.

    At first, I thought it was a sync-problem. So I deactivate the 8 ADAT channels. No result. I tried to set the "Resample" checkbox = FALSE in the audio-utility of OSX - no result.

    Has anybody an idea, what the problem could be?

    Lot of thanks.
  3. maxim

    maxim New Member

    Hi Jarguzzi,

    Unfortunately you may not be able to fix this. I also have a Aggregate device made from a 828 and a M-Audio Profire Lightbridge. I also have a delay which is not stable - and I am recording only ONE stereo track !!

    People say that with interfaces on firewire you may never get a stable delay if those devices are synced from another source, because each time you press record the buffer for the bus gets re-calculated. And really, each time I record it does slightly vary. Plus, the M-Audio drivers are really shitty.

    I am thinking of buying a PCIe-card (i.e. from RME) to replace the Lightbridge...

  4. bobdemaa

    bobdemaa Senior member

    I have never had professional results from an aggregate device. It may technically function, but it's too quirky to rely on.

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