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Logic 9 Problem Exporting/Bouncing MIDI As Audio

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by ron sanchez, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. ron sanchez

    ron sanchez New Member

    Until the other day I had no problem working on both Logic9 and DP8. I like the Logic instruments and MIDI editing so I often load a stereo mix of my DP project into Logic to do the MIDI overdubs and then export or bounce the file out as audio and load it back into DP.

    A couple of weeks ago I did this but when I reloaded the organ part back into DP it didn't line up. There was a tiny bit more audio file at the top. I finally just trimmed the file and line it up by hand. Same thing happened today. This time I spent a good long time looking for a reason. Sample rates were matched, bit rates matched, frame rates matched. I tried several time, making sure the bounces started from bar 1.

    I even recorded the midi organ as audio; bussed to an audio track with the efx. I tried to export it and then bounce it out with the same results when I imported it in to DP. It wouldn't line up. The part would come in a couple of seconds late. I even dragged the audio file from the Logic folder and dropped it into the DP project. In the end I just trimmed it, and lined it up by hand.

    Any ideas what I've overlooked? Nothing in my Mac rig changed since we finished an album at the end of June and now.

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