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Logic 9 Problem with Core Audio and Logic Pro 9

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by grover47, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. grover47

    grover47 New Member

    Anyone else having this sample rate problem with a 002 I/O and Logic Pro 9.0.1

    My sample rate is stuck on 48 khz, I changed it in Core Audio as well as went to Audio/Midi Setup in Utilities and no luck.

    At first thought it was because of Snow Leopard....went back down to 10.5.8 and re-installed everything and still the same problem.

    I can run Pro Tools 8 and the sample rate will switch to 44.1, but as soon as I go to Logic or iTunes for that matter it's back to 48 khz.

    I hope this gets solved soon. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem . Oh and I did trash pref's and that didnt help nor did Disk Utilities.

    Thanks, looking for feedback on this
  3. Lincoln M

    Lincoln M Member

    I've had the same problem opposite sample rates. Mine stuck on 44.1 when I wanted 48...:eeek:

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