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Logic 9 Problems Importing MIDI files - HELP!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by shirleylacroix, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. shirleylacroix

    shirleylacroix New Member

    I'm by no means a super user of Logic but what I'm trying to do should be simple. I have Logic installed on both my 2011 MBP and 2011 iMac. If I import a MIDI file (one created for me for work) into Logic on the MBP - either by clicking Import or by dragging, Logic assigns a unique track to each track on the MIDI file. However, if I do the same thing on the iMac, 3 of the tracks do not get assigned and i have a message on these tracks saying "No Output." about 5 other tracks are fine and play! If I reassign the track my only options are to assign it to one of the other tracks and not to a unique track - that is a problem as then they can't have their own instrument sound.

    I have found a work around that takes time - create new track, drag MIDI file to new track, but since it works fine on MBP, I'm wondering it I have a wrong setting on my iMac. Please HELP!

  3. shirleylacroix

    shirleylacroix New Member

    Another workaround is to open the MIDI file in GarageBand and then save it. Then open in Logic and each part is assigned to unique instrument (the wrong instrument for some but I can fix that!). Why doesn't it just work on iMac when it just works on MBP?

    I'd post a picture but no clue how! I tried something.

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