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Logic Studio apps Problems to open MainStage 3.04 concert

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by Uwe Rodi, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    I have a large concert (about 1,4GB) which runs fine in MainStage 3.04. When I try to open it in MainStage 3.1 I get the message that the file is corrupted (After loading all the samples).
    Then I open it in MainStage 3.04. The concert contains 5 sets. I save all the sets using command E.
    Then I delete all the sets in the concert and save it. It has now about 70MB.
    Then I reopen it in MainStage 3.1
    That seems to work. Now I save it in MainStage 3.1 and afterwards close the Program. When I try to reopen it in MainStage 3.1, I again get the message, the file is corrupted.
    I have another concert, which contains only one external instrument for sending program changes to my Nord Stage and a jpg file for each patch (I use it as a sheet music reader) also created in MainStage 3.04. It works in 3.1 - but - when I delete one of the patches and save the concert, MainStage 3.1 cannot open it again (also with the message the file is corrupted or the file has a wrong format)
    I already wrote a bug report to apples feedback page…
    Someone solved the issue?

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