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Problems with Channel Strip Settings

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Uwe Rodi, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    Hi together,
    I configured a Fusion Drive from my SSD and my internal HDD in my Macbook Pro and took this opportunity to make a clean install with Mavericks.
    Now I have a strange problem in Logic Pro X:
    When I open the settings menu inside a channel strip I get the following menu:
    (attachment 1 Channel Strip Menue)
    There are only my user channel strip settings and the older versions.
    When I open the library in Logic I also see the new settings from logic:
    (attachment 2 Bibliothek)
    In MainStage 3 I also can see the settings in the settings menu of the channel strips:
    (attachment 3 MainStage)
    I'm not sure but I think before reinstalling Logic, I had the settings also in the Channel Strips.
    Can someone help?


    Attached Files:

  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Comparing English to German, it looks like things are in order.

    Option-clicking the Settings pop up brings up channel settings for other types of tracks.
  4. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    I know the thing with the option-clicking.
    I thought the instrument Channel Strip Settings like Bass, Drumkits etc. should also be there!?
  5. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    One more thing.
    The option to open the standard template song (Autoload) is not active. It is inside ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Project Templates/Autoload.logicx. I also tried to put it inside the Applicationsupport/Logic/Project Templates inside the user and inside MacHD.
  6. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Patches are the new design. The Legacy folders still provide access to L9 channel strip settings, and you can certainly continue to save your own. But Patches offers so much more.

    Regarding the Default Template (autoload), you select it in Logic preferences>General>Startup Action.
  7. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    Thanks, I was only wondering because when I choose a Patch its name is also shown on the channel strip in the settings field.
    I also solved the problem with the Autoload.
    I was stuck in the older beaviour of the program where you had to put the Autoload song inside the templates folder.
    Thank you

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